Biggest Hits In NRL History


The shoulder charge may have been removed from the NRL, but that certainly does not mean that the big hit has gone out of Rugby League – as we saw on Sunday when Iosia Soliola almost killed poor Luke Brooks.

Since the Soliola big hit, our entire office has been searching YouTube for the biggest hits in NRL history and for your viewing pleasure we have compiled our top ten selections!

Iosia Soliola vs Luke Brooks

The hit that inspired this collection. Brooks is considered one of the most promising young half-backs in rugby league, but we think that he could be looking for a new career after Iosia Soliola lined him up at Leichardt Oval on Saturday.

Sonny Bill Williams vs Joel Clinton

This was one of the hits that the NRL used when justifying the ban of the shoulder charge.  Sonny Bill Williams’ massive shoulder charge on Joel Clinton in the 2004 Preliminary Final between the Penrith Panthers and Canterbury Bulldogs has become one of the famous images in rugby league – we still can’t believe that Clinton managed to stay on his feet.

Greg Inglis vs Chris Sandow

Chris Sandown may be small of stature and generally a poor defender, but he has been known to put some big hits on some much bigger opposition. In this instance Sandow attempted to put one of his famous shoulder charges on Greg Inglis and it is fair to say that it did not go well for the diminutive half-back.

Keith Galloway vs Scott Logan

Keith Galloway is one of the angriest men in rugby league and the big ranga did not miss Scott Logan when the Raiders took on the Tigers in 2007. The hit itself is impressive, but the brawl between the two men afterwards is just as exciting!

Timana Tahu vs Bryan Norrie

Bryan Norrie has a running style that makes him the perfect target for defenders and the veteran resembled a crash test dummy when Timana Tahu absolutely lined him up in 2011. Keep a cheeky eye on the amused look on Petero Civoniceva’s face when he looks down at a hapless Norrie.

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves vs Danny Galea

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves is one of the most hated men in the NRL and for good reason, but he is capable of putting on a massive hit. The Kiwi international absolutely blindsides Danny Galea in this video and it is arguably the most visually impressive hit on this list.

Frank Pritchard vs David Simmons

Frank Pritchard may have had this try disallowed because of a high tackle, but nobody could deny him the title of the biggest hit of the NRL season in 2012! Not the best way to start the season for poor old David Simmons.

Gordon Tallis vs Brett Hodgson

This is not exactly a big hit, but it is the famous tackle in State Of Origin history.  In the third game of the 2002 State Of Origin Series, Tallis lassoed a hapless Hodgson, who weighs about 70 kilograms soaking wet, over the sideline and arguably changed the entire game.

Sam Burgess and Ben Lowe vs Matthew Bell

What is worse than being hit by one 100 kilogram plus second-rowers? Being hit by two 100 kilogram plus second-rowers and that is the fate that befell Matthew Bell back in 2010 when he ran into the shoulders of both Sam Burgess and Ben Lowe.

Brian Lima vs Derick Hougaard

We know that this hit did not take place in the NRL, but we couldn’t do a list on big hits and leave it out. At the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup, Samoa’s Brian ‘The Chiropractor’ absolutely lined up South African fly-half  Derick Hougaard in what became the defining moment of both players international rugby careers.

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