Angriest Coaches In AFL History


Coaching is one of the toughest jobs in sport and the stress appears to have gotten to a few of the coaches in the AFL in recent weeks.

On ANZAC Day weekend, Alastair Clarkson made the headlines for the all the wrong reasons when he punched a Port Adelaide fan that was mocking him after the Hawks went down to the Power in a Saturday night thriller, while Brisbane Lions coach Justin Leppitsch was forced to apologise after he aggressively confronted Lions rookie Zac O’Brien in the locker room at half-time of an NEAFL match last weekend.

We may have a particularly angry bunch of coaches in the AFL at the moment, but thankfully these blow-ups have been a part of the AFL for many years and this week we took to YouTube to find evidence of the angriest coaches in AFL history.

Alastair Clarkson

No list of angry coaches should start with anybody but Alastair Clarkson. Clarkson has turned the blow-up into a work of art and nobody including his players, the media, opposition fans and the walls of the MCG coaching box can escape his wrath. Clarkson took his aggression to a new level when he attacked a grubby Port Adelaide fan a fortnight ago.

Ron Barassi

Ron Barassi is considered one of the greatest players in the history of the AFL, but he had just as much success as coach and he led both Carlton (1968 and 1970) and North Melbourne (1975 and 1977) to two flags apiece. Barassi was noted for his mid-game sprays if his team did not play at the level that he expected and I was terrified just listening to this scary first quarter blow-up that he delivered during his stint with the Kangaroos.

Terry Wallace

Until the Scott Brothers and Alastair Clarkson came on the scene there was no doubt that the angriest coach in the AFL was Terry Wallace. The poor bastard spent the majority of his coaching career in charge of two very average Western Bulldogs and Richmond sides, but this blow-up came in 1996 when the Bulldogs made a surprise charge up the ladder – imagine his reaction if the side were out of finals contention!

Brad Scott

Brad Scott was a very angry man on the football field and that has not changed since he made the transition to the coaches box. To be fair to Scott, the North Melbourne Kangaroos have done plenty to make him mad since he was named head coach in 2010, but we can only imagine what he was saying when he got stuck into Scott McMahon in this video.

Mick Malthouse

Mick Malthouse broke the record for the longest serving coach in AFL history last weekend and he is one of the most respected figures in the game, but it is fair to say that he does not hold that same level of respect for the media. Malthouse has unleashed some withering sprays on his players throughout his lengthy coaching career, but he has generally saved his nastiest reactions for members of the fourth estate!

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