Worst Guernseys In AFL History


Hawthorn may have got the four points against the Adelaide Crows last night, but that did not stop them becoming the joke of the entire competition due to their simply woeful clash guernsey.

This disaster of a strip not only had us racing off to Netflix to catch up on the latest series of Power Rangers, but it also started an interesting debate in the office about the worst guernseys in AFL history.

There were plenty of entries to sift through, Port Adelaide and Fremantle seemed to submit a new contender every season, but we have come up with a clear top ten filled with eyesore after eyesore.

Hawthorn Hawks 2015 Clash Strip

Hawthorn have had some very average clash strips in the past few seasons, but the defending premiers have taken it to another level in 2015. This guernsey looks like something that would be worn by members of a religious cult and surely it won’t get another run in 2016.

Hawks Clash

Hawthorn Hawks 1995 Pre-Season Strip

Sadly, the Gold Power Ranger abomination is not the worst guernsey in the history of the club. We know the Hawks struggled for money in the 1990s, but surely they could afford something better than this strip that they wore during a pre-season loss to the Sydney Swans in 1995.

Hawks Diamonds

Carlton Blues 1997 M&M Strip

Carlton are considered one of the proudest clubs in the AFL, despite their awful form this season, but in 1997 they were happy to sell out their history to promote – of all things – the release of light blue M&Ms.

North Melbourne 2000 Orange Promotional Strip

Carlton aren’t the only club to sell out their guernsey for a promotion. North Melbourne drew the line at relocating to the Gold Coast, but they were happy to change their colours to orange and white in a promotion for the ill-fated Orange.


Fremantle Dockers 1998 Away Strip

Fremantle have fully embraced purple in recent years and their guernseys have been much better for it. It is no wonder that the side were the joke of the competition in the 1990s and early 2000s because their strips looked like they had been designed by a pre-schooler, but this hideous creation from 1998 takes the cake.


Port Adelaide Away Strip 2004

Port Adelaide are another club that have prided themselves on designing awful guernseys every single season and there was much debate about what was their worst, but we decided on this strip that Port amazingly wore during their Premiership season in 2004.


St Kilda Alternate Strip 2001

Coldplay’s Yellow was one of the biggest songs in the world during this period, but that still doesn’t explain this laughable strip. The Saints won very few games wearing the fighting yellow and thankfully the strip got the bullet in 2004.

St Kilda

Brisbane Bears Inaugural Strip

The Brisbane Bears faced a tough task turning die-hard Rugby League fans into AFL converts and they made that job even tougher with their woeful strip. Whoever thought that the franchise should be launched with these colours was surely fired along with the designer that put together the logo.


Hawthorn Hawks 2011 Kokoda Strip

Hawthorn Football Club decided to celebrate the 7oth anniversary of Kokoda the only way that they know how – by designing an awful guernsey. Unsurprisingly this strip did not gain a great deal of traction and it has not been seen since.

Hawthorn 3

West Coast Eagles 2000 Away Strip

There are plenty of awful guernseys on their list, but this is the only one that can actually give you a headache if you stare at it too long. This strategy did not work for the Eagles and they won only two games in this strip to finish a disappointing 13th on the ladder.

070611_wce_jumper (1)




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