The NBA season gets underway tomorrow when the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls do battle and all the superstars in the competition will be in action over the next few days.

You can’t help but admire the skills of Lebron James, James Harden and Steph Curry, but we sometimes think that the best basketball action is that which takes place at your local hall every Saturday night.

These amateur Basketball cards are a tribute to all those plodders out there doing their best on the court every Saturday morning, no matter how hungover, injured or uncoordinated they are!





 Best white guy in the league


Quick and skilful


Keeps to himself most of the time and is a bit of a grey man.


Loves rap music and mentions Michael Jordan in his g-mail








Cops Juan-on-Juan jokes on a weekly basis 


Short tempered


Can go from 0 – Loco in a flash


Screams ‘Kobe’ every shot he takes








Always has the latest pair of Jordans


Not the best, not the worst


Tapes his glasses on when he plays


Crazy about street ball








Best in the team


Emotionally invested – known to cry when his team lose


Could have played Pro-Ball but too lazy


Girlfriend comes to games, sits on her phone the whole time








Thinks he’s better than he is


Never drops the ball due to excessive hair wax on his hands




Shoots 20 threes a game – only lands one








Tyrone’s Dad


Averages 3 – 4 mins of gametime each week


Leads the half-time talk, which is the same each week


Does his knee halfway through the season







Dirtiest player in the league


Regularly ejected


Wears Yankees hat everywhere, doesn’t like baseball


Goes through his teammates’ bags when he is on the bench








Tries hard, just isn’t any good


Always has a Gatorade after a game


Has one really good game all season – keeps him motivated


Always getting advice from his dad