Hilarious Sports Headlines


There is nothing worse than when something exciting like sport is turned beige by boring, down-the-middle journalism with absolutely no point of difference.

There is nothing better than when something exciting like sport is enhanced by a hilarious headline, photo or both; whether it be on purpose or by sheer luck.

An awful lot of wit that has gone into some of the headlines featured on this list but let’s be honest – a little toilet never goes astray.




James Rodrigues took the 2014 FIFA World Cup by storm and was immediately snapped up by Real Madrid for his heroics in the Colombiam national side. At some stage we’ve all utilized the famous “Bond, James Bond” quote but actually understood the context and delivery.


hide a seek champ


The only thing that makes a witty headline better is when there is layer upon layer of irony to it. Hide and Seek isn’t just a pastime for five-year-olds, it’s actually a professional sport.




Any sport that has a position that at any point references the word ‘end’ is open to plenty of stick, particularly when a cunning Journalist gets involved. We sincerely hope Chris Gedney was able to pass the test unscathed.




There is nothing better than a headline that is only possible as a result of a perfectly timed photo. Sometimes they do actually refer to something that has happened in play, but in this instance we are certainly hoping it was only a perfectly timed photo and nothing else.




The well-known pole vaulter Steve Hooker was honored in 2009 for a cracking year in sports. Unfortunately, this headline somehow slipped through the cracks via the Sydney Morning Herald. Even Steve had a good chuckle to himself.


sumo wrestler


We’re not quite sure of the who, what, when, where or how of the article above, but it’s one of the best things we’ve read all year.



Sprinting is one of those Olympic sports in which the USA always has at least one person challenging for the world’s top honour. When the careers of Walter Dix and Tyson Gay crossed… you can see where this is going.


Lady Jacks


Sometimes the names of men’s teams translate well to that college or club’s ladies’ division. The Stephen F Austin State University Lumberjacks basketball team is not a good example of this, however.




For as long as professional sport has been a thing, so too has the use of drugs in professional sport. Often it is the detection of an illicit performance-enhancer that leads to a player’s banning, but apparently not always.




When it was revealed that Tiger Woods had been unfaithful to wife Elin Nordegren a ridiculous number of times, the story became worldwide news for a long time. The race for a point of difference was fierce and this was definitely one of the better efforts.




Wrestling remains one of the better sports to watch as a spectator because it’s fast, loud and some of the feats mustered by the athletes are simply mind-blowing.


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