Weekly NBA Preview

It had to end sometime, but we can’t help but feel like the 2015/2016 NBA season has lost something now that the Golden State Warriors have finally lost a game.

In saying that, they still have a big lead on top of the Western Conference and remain dominant favourites to win back-to-back NBA Championships, while in the Eastern Conference there are seven different teams within two games of each other.

As always there are a number of key games in the NBA throughout the week and we have picked the match-ups that we believe feature the best betting opportunities.

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Orlando Magic vs Charlotte Hornets

There is very little between these two teams and they are two of many teams that are locked in a logjam in the Eastern Conference Standings. Not a great deal was expected of the Orlando Magic this season, but they have been a real surprise and have beaten the line in nine of their past ten games. However, we can’t throw our support behind them this week as the Hornets have an excellent record as home underdogs and represent a touch of value at $1.99.

Memphis Grizzlies vs Chicago Bulls

Both the Memphis Grizzlies and Chicago Bulls have decent records at this stage of the season, but they have both been fairly poor from a betting perspective. The Bulls have been very poor as favourites this year, especially in games at home, but they have found some form in the last week and they look like a good bet to beat the line of 3.5 points.

Boston Celtics vs Detroit Pistons

The Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons have both performed well against the line during the season to date and this makes this another intriguing fixture. The Pistons do have a good record at home this season, but the Celtics have beaten the line in their past seven games and are 5-1 against the line as away underdogs this season. Despite these stats, we are sticking with the Pistons as they have beaten some quality sides in recent weeks and have a slight edge with just a two point line in play.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Cleveland Cavaliers

These teams are both all but certain to make the Playoffs and this fixture would not look out of place as an NBA Finals Series. The Cavaliers have been winning on the scoreboard, but their record against the line is nothing short of poor and they have beaten the line in just one of their last six games. While the Thunder have not been much better against the line, they have won their past five fixtures and have put up some very big scores in the process. We expect the Thunder to outscore the Cavaliers and record an upset win on the road.

Los Angeles Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs

The Clippers are a notoriously underrated betting team and they have been poor against the line all season, while the Spurs have been one of the best betting teams in the NBA for almost two decades and that has not changed this season. The Spurs are 9-4 against the line as home favourites this season and they are one of the best bets of the week to get the job done on court and beat the line.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Golden State Warriors

The Milwaukee Bucks sensationally ended the winning streak of the Golden State Warriors on Sunday, but you will be hard pressed to find an NBA expert that believes they will be able to repeat the doze. It will be interesting to see how the Warriors responded to their first loss of the season when they face the Phoenix Suns tomorrow, but we expect them to get straight back into the business of winning basketball games this weekend.

Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks

While the Knicks have a losing record, they have actually not been that bad against the line this season. It is tough to see the Knicks winning this game, but as we showed earlier the Bulls have been very poor favourites this season and they can’t be relied on to beat a big line. It is tough to have faith in the Knicks, but they should be able to cover the line this week.

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