Ladbrokes Local Legends

Ladbrokes Local Legends – SA Country Footy Champs

Away from the bright lights of the big leagues, there’s talent laden local competitions where the best of the rest ply their trade.

Ladbrokes is making a commitment to grass roots sport in various ways. We sponsor some clubs and provide grants to others, in numerous league of varying standards across the country but we also want to share the stories behind the clubs.

Ladbrokes Local Legends will tell the tales of brilliance in the bush and superstardom in the suburbs; they’ll be stories about the folk who are the backbone of their sporting clubs from anywhere in Australia.

So we start in Port Lincoln, South Australia where, on July 9 and 10, the state’s six footballing regions came together for the annual country football championships and Roger Oldridge went along to check out these Ladbrokes Local Legends.

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