When Athletes & Celebrities Clash


It really was only a matter of time before Nick Kyrgios got political.

Kyrgios turned his attention to President Elect Trump overnight and started what we hope will be the celebrity versus sportsperson feud of 2017.

Trump and Kyrgios are far from the first athlete and celebrity combo to get stuck into each other and we have complied this list of ten occasions when athletes and celebrities have clashed.

Nick Kyrgios vs Donald Trump

Nick Kyrgios and controversy pretty much go hand in hand these days and he got himself back in the limelight at the Fast 4 tennis event in Sydney when he wore an anti-Donald Trump shirt for his post-match press conference.

Kyrgios did not elaborate when asked about his opinions of Trump, but it is fair to say that he does not have a great deal of time for the future President.

Trump is yet to reply, but if recent history has taught us anything it is that Trump can’t help but fight back when attacked and we are sure that his response will be glorious in its immaturity.


Dana White vs Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep upset Trump with her speech at the Golden Globes and she also managed to agitate another fairly angry fellow – UFC President Dana White.

In her speech Streep said that ‘Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts’ and this did not curry her any favour with White.

White responded that ‘the last thing in the world I expect is an uppity 80-year-old lady to be in our demographic and love mixed martial arts’ and he remains adamant that MMA is an art.

To be fair to him it is right there in the name…

Dez Bryant vs Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has been involved in a number of high-profile feuds in recent years and he was embroiled in a public altercation with Dallas Cowboys star Dez Bryant back in 2012.

Things got physical between the pair at Miami night club after Lil Wayne accused Bryant of owing a company he is involved with more than $50,000.

This is far from the first time that Bryant has ended up in a scrap – he even got into with a Dallas Cowboys teammate a couple of years back.

CM Punk vs Chris Brown

Chris Brown is currently involved in a social media war with Soulja Boy, but a few years back he got into a very similar feud with former WWE superstar and ‘UFC fighter’ CM Punk.

After Brown won a Grammy in 2012, Punk tweeted that he would love to curb stomp Brown at Wrestlemania and the R & B star was quick to fire back by accusing Punk of using steroids.

Punk fired the next shot with an almost two minute long video in which he tore Brown to shreds and it is fair to say that he got the best of the exchange.

Floyd Mayweather vs 50 Cent

It is tough to keep track of the complicated relationship between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent, but at one point there was no love lost between the pair.

Both have accused the other of owing them money over the years, but their relationship hit a new low when 50 Cent mocked Mayweather for his poor reading skills when he offered to donate $750,000 to charity if Mayweather was able to read a full page out of a Harry Potter book out loud.

Shane Warne vs Waleed Aly

A battle between these two was always on the cards.

Shane Warne came under fire for issues surrounding the Shane Warne Foundation during his time on I’m A Celebrity and he did not take too kindly to Waleed Aly bringing it up during an interview on The Project.

Warne as clearly annoyed with Aly on air and he later took to Twitter to say that it disappointed him when journalists think that ‘being a dick’ in an interview was cool.

Warwick Capper vs Pauline Hanson

One of the greatest political battles of all time took place at the 2009 Queensland State election when Warwick Capper and Pauline Hanson did battle for the seat of Beaudesert.

Capper’s campaign got off to a costly start when it was revealed that he had missed the registration date, while Hanson finished a distance third with less than 6000 votes.

We can’t confirm reports that Capper has reached out to Hanson to run under the One Nation banner at the next election.

Kevin Durant vs Drake

This is a fake feud, but it is still pretty funny.

Drake is normally a big Golden State Warriors fans, but those allegiances went out the window earlier this season when the Warriors took on Drake’s Toronto Raptors on what is known as ‘Drake Night’.

Drake mocked Kevin Durant throughout the game and deliberately ran into him during a post-game interview, which led Durant to level a withering death stare at the rapper before he ended the interview by saying that he didn’t give a damn about Drake Night.

Reggie Miller vs Spike Lee

Spike Lee is arguably the New York Knicks’ biggest supporter, but on a couple of occasions he has got a bit too close to the action.

The Indiana Pacers – particularly Reggie Miller – and the New York Knicks were involved in a heated rivalry during the early 1990s and this rivalry went to another level during the Eastern Conference Finals in 1994.

Miller single-handily destroyed the Knicks in the sixth game of this series and spent the majority of the game trading insults with Lee before he directed a choke sign towards the director and then gestured at his own crouch!

David Warner vs Robert Craddock

David Warner is now one of the most popular cricketers in Australia, but a few years ago this was far from the case.

Robert Craddock is one of the most respected sports journalists in the country, but he earnt the ire of Warner when he published an article that was mildly critical of the Indian Premier League.

An angry Warner called Craddock a jealous p**ick, told him to get a real job as well as a life.

Warner eventually apologised for his outburst and has mended his relationship with the Australian media.

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