10 Players Booed By Their Old Fans


There were plenty of big stories during the opening round of the 2017 AFL season, but one of the biggest was Travis Cloke taking on his old club Collingwood.

It is fair to say that Collingwood fans weren’t particularly impressed to see Cloke playing for another club and he was on the end of a hammering from his old supporters.

Cloke is far from the first athlete that has felt the wrath when returning to take on an old club and we have put together this list of players that were booed by their old fans.

Travis Cloke

Travis Cloke helped Collingwood win the 2010 AFL Premiership and gave the club more than a decade of service, but that wasn’t enough for Magpies fans.

Cloke was mercilessly booed as he lined up to take his first shot at goal when playing for the Western Bulldogs on Friday night and he shut-up his former fans with a ripper of a kick.

Luis Figo

The rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona is one of the biggest in sport and it is rare to see players transfer from one side to the other.

Luis Figo did just that in 2000 and the move was not well-received by Barcelona fans.

When Figo returned to Camp Nou to take on Barcelona he was booed relentlessly and he had a whole variety of rubbish thrown at him anytime that he went to the corner near the rapid Barcelona fans.

LeBron James

LeBron James is back to being the most popular person in Cleveland, but there was a time when he was public enemy number one.

James made the controversial decision to sign with the Miami Heat in 2010 and when he returned to Cleveland for a clash with the Cavaliers later that season, it was clear that Cavs fans felt incredibly betrayed.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is now in a similar boat to that of Lebron James.

Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder at the end of the 2015/2016 NBA season and he made the controversial decision to sign with their Western Conference rivals the Golden State Warriors.

This move did not go down well with Thunder fans one bit and he came under heavy fire when the Thunder and Warriors did battle in Oklahoma City.

Wayne Carey

It is see why North Melbourne fans were so quick to turn on Wayne Carey.

Carey tore North Melbourne apart when he had an affair with the wife of former best friend Anthony Stevens and he eventually made his return to the AFL with the Adelaide Crows.

Adelaide and North Melbourne met in round 9 of the 2003 AFL season and to say it was a fiery affair is an understatement.

Fans of the Kangaroos booed Carey relentlessly and he was involved in confrontations with both Glenn Archer and Stevens.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez has always been one of the most unpopular players in Major League Baseball, but he was particularly unpopular with Seattle Mariners fans.

Rodriguez left the Mariners in 2001 to sign with the Texas Rangers and for the rest of his career he was attacked by Mariners fans every time he returned to Seattle – even after he made the move from the Rangers to the New York Yankees.

Daly Cherry-Evans

Daly Cherry-Evans never actually played for the Gold Coast Titans, but he signed with the club in 2015 before he back flipped in highly controversial circumstances.

This move not only infuriated Titans fans, but Queensland Rugby League fans in generally and the former State Of Origin player is no longer a popular figure at Suncorp Stadium

Brett Favre

You would think that leading your team to a Super Bowl and multiple Playoffs appearances would be enough to escape the wrath of your former fans, but that wasn’t the case with Brett Favre.

Favre announced his retirement at the end of the 2007 NFL season, but he returned to the NFL the following season with the New York Jets.

Green Bay Packers fans were not particularly pleased about that, but their reaction turned to fury when Favre signed with their NFC North rivals the Minnesota Vikings for the 2010 season.

Emmanuel Adebayor

It is common courtesy in football that you don’t celebrate a goal that you have scored against your former club, but it is clear that Emmanuel Adebayor does not believe in this etiquette.

Adebayor was transferred from Arsenal to Manchester City in 2009 and received heavy criticism after he ran the length of the field to celebrate in front of Arsenal fans after scoring a goal for Manchester City.

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard was the number one draft pick in the 2004 NBA draft and led the Orland Magic to the 2009 NBA Finals, but he failed to fire in his next few seasons with the Magic and was already unpopular by the time that he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers for the 2012 season.

Howard has since moved to both the Houston Rockets and the Atlanta Hawks, but he still remains a hated figure with Magic fans.

It does not seem to bother him though – Howard was so unoffended by the booing he received by Magic fans earlier this season that he got involved in the action himself!