The 20 Greatest Moustaches In Sporting History


Max Gawn did the unthinkable earlier in the week and shaved off his beard and it is fair to say that the results have been interesting.

Gawn now looks like the villian in a Sherlock Holmes movie, but thankfully he did keep the moustache as a clearly shaven Max Gawn is something we don’t even want to picture.

Gawn’s new mo had us thinking about some of the Greatest Moustaches In Sporting History and I am proud to say that Australia is incredibly well represented on this list.

Max Gawn

I like the new mo, but I certainly would not be putting my hand up to pay for the leftover beard…

David Boon

A young David Boon contemplates what life would possibly be like without one of the greatest moustaches in history.

John Newcombe

John Newcombe is raw masculinity at its very best!

Merv Hughes

The moustache of Mervyn Gregory Hughes is a genuine national treasure.

Wade Boggs

Wade Boggs is the David Boon of American sport – not only does he have an outstanding moustache, but he also holds a number of unbreakable drinking records.

Aaron Rodgers

Aardon Rodgers is outstanding at whatever he sets his mind to, whether it be slinging touchdown passes or growing a moustache.

Rollie Fingers

Rollie Fingers is the proud owner of the best name and the best moustache in the history of American sport.

Hulk Hogan

I’ll tell you something brother, Hulk Hogan has one of the greatest moustaches in sporting history.

Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson without moustache = plodder

Mitchell Johnson with moustache = scariest fast-bowler in history

Nick Cummins

The moustache is a key part of the overall Honey Badger package.

Jake Lehmann

One way to drag yourself out of the shadow of your father is with a scintillating moustache.

Robert ‘Dippa’ DiPierdomenico

He has been involved in some controversies in recent years, but Dippa still has a ripper moustache.

Dennis Lillee

When I grow up I want to be Dennis Lillee.

Max Walker

Max Walker was not only one of the biggest characters in the history of Australian cricket, but the proud owner of an absolute peach of a moustache.

Cliff Lyons

Cliff Lyons moustache is a lot like his playing style – understated yet electric.

Ron Barassi

Tell me that you wouldn’t follow this moustache into battle…

Robert de Castella

Robert de Castella has always been an owner of a moustache that you can set your watch too.

Wally Lewis

The King of moustaches.

Graeme Murray

Any bloke that can pull the North Queensland Cowboys and Illawarra Steelers out of a mediocrity is a champion, but when you throw in this moustache you have an absolute legend.

Greg Bird

Greg Bird is a lesson to all the kids out there that even the worst moustache is better than no moustache at all.