Italy Odds-On To Win Eurovision Song Contest

  • 2017 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in the Ukraine this week
  • Italy’s ‘Occidentali’s Karma’ the clear odds-on favourite to win competition

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is only days away and there has been plenty of interest in betting markets for the popular competition at Ladbrokes.

Italy has not tasted success at Eurovision since Toto Cutugno’s song ‘Insieme: 1992’ was crowned winner in 1990, but the ‘Big Five’ nation are set to end their drought in 2017.

‘Occidentali’s Karma’, performed by Francesco Gabbani in Italian has continued to firm in Eurovision Song Contest betting markets at Ladbrokes and is subsequently a $1.67 favourite to win the competition.

Ladbrokes Bookmaker Tony Wilmot said that the song’s incredibly catchy rhythm and tempo has already attracted legions of fans and betting markets have mirrored the trend.

“Occidentali’s Karma is one of those songs which you can’t help but tap your feet to, nod your head along with and just really enjoy,” said Wilmot.

“A song performed in a language other than English has not won Eurovision since Serbia’s ‘Molitva’ in 2007, but this song definitely has the legs to break the drought.”

Portugal ($8) and consistent performers Sweden ($9) are the only other nations currently displayed at odds of less-than $10 to win, while the likes of Bulgaria ($10), Armenia ($17) and Romania ($21) are also prominent at double-figure quotes.

Australia will have two representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 2017; the country’s own entry Isaiah Firebrace and former winner of The Voice Australia Anja Nissen, who will lead Denmark’s charge ($34).

Firebrace opened at a $13 quote following the release of ‘Don’t Come Easy’, but has eased out to $34 odds as punters have rallied around songs with faster, more upbeat tempos.

Minnow nation Montenegro’s entry ‘Space’ has enjoyed plenty of support from music royalty since its release, but the song remains a long shot of winning the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest at $251 odds.

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