It took Brazil a total of 12 seconds to score in last night’s friendly against the Socceroos and it is fair to say that things did not get much better for Australia.

Diego Souza scored in just 13 seconds to stun the 50,000 strong crowd at the MCG, but this is far from the first time that there have been early fireworks in a key football fixture.

We take a look at the fastest (and most unbelievable) goals ever scored in the history of the game.

Nawaf Al Abed

The fastest ever recorded goal was by Saudi Arabian International Nawaf Al Abed, who saw the opportunity to have a shot straight from the kick off. He hit it sweet and, well, the rest is history.

Gavin Stokes

In the same vein as the first goal, Gavin Stokes, playing for Maryhill in the Scottish Super League first division, attempted to catch the keeper by surprise by having a ping from the kick off. It worked.

Damian Mori

Playing for Adelaide United against Sydney United in the National Soccer League in 1995, Damian Mori produced this absolute pearler. The goal was scored in 3.69 seconds, which was the world record at the time.

Lukas Podolski

The fastest ever goal in International soccer history took just 9 seconds. Lukas Podolski of Germany took advantage of some sloppy play at the back by Ecuador and calmly slotted the goal.

Mike Grella

It only took 7 seconds for the fastest goal in Major League Soccer history to be scored. Now for a goal to be scored in only 7 seconds of a match, everything either has to go completely right for the goalscorer or completely wrong for the defenders. This was the latter.

Tim Cahill

The Socceroo legend was only 3 seconds behind the MLS record when he scored in just 10 seconds playing for New York in 2013. What a superb volley.

Christian Benteke

The fastest ever goal in a World Cup came in a qualifying match where Belgium beat Gibraltar 6-0. It was former Liverpool and now Crystal Palace striker, Christian Benteke with the record breaker.

Roy Makaay

The fastest goal in Champions League history? 10 seconds. Bayern Munich v Real Madrid in 2007.

Asmir Begovic

Anything is possible on a windy and wet day in Stoke. Playing for Southampton, goalkeeper (you heard right) Asmir Begovic scored in just 13 seconds. It has to be seen to be believed.


The quickest ever goal in Olympic history was scored by Brazillian sensation Neymar against Hondurus in 2016. They would go on to win the tournament for the first time – mainly on the back of the Barcelona superstar.