2017/2018 English Premier League Jersey Rankings


The 2017/2018 English Premier League season gets underway on Saturday and that means that it is time for our infamous jersey rankings.

Our jersey rankings have caused plenty of controversy in the past – my name was mud in New Zealand after badmouthing the Super Rugby jerseys of the Crusaders, Chiefs and Hurricanes – and this list is sure to be no different.

The entire Ladbrokes team spent an extensive morning analysing each and every jersey and our complete 2017/2018 English Premier League jersey rankings can be found below!

20. Southampton

It is very safe to say that Under Armour and soccer jerseys simply do not mix.

The Virgin Media sponsorship is hideous, it doesn’t look anything like their current kit and they are now stuck with Under Armour for seven years!

19. Huddersfield Town

Aaron Mooy is the best footballer in the world – I’m not kidding – but even his glorious dome can’t make this jersey look good.

I’ve never been a particularly big fan of the modern puma kits and the dots that make up the pretend stripes look like a children’s finger painting.

18. West Bromwich Albion

The large and obnoxious sponsorship logo of whatever company that is has ruined what could have been a decent strip.

I feel sorry for any child that is given a jersey with Chris Brunt’s name on the back…

17. Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace do get points for originality, but you can plainly see why most other clubs steer away from the fairly putrid combination of red, blue and yellow.

This probably still should have been higher, but I’m still bitter about what Crystal Palace did to Mile Jedinak!

16. Everton

Umbro is a brand that belongs in the 1990s and they have somehow managed to botch what really should be one of the simplest strips in the competition.

The clashing blues is absolutely heinous and even the die-hard Everton fan in the office said that he wouldn’t be seen dead in this.

15. Newcastle United

Not only does this look like a Collingwood guernsey, but the sponsorship logo is dreadful.

This will make for a cheap purchase for any Newcastle United fan when they are inevitably relegated to the English Championship at the end of the season.

14. Bournemouth

With the budget that Bournemouth have, it really is a miracle that they can afford one jersey per player.

Bournemouth really are good honest triers and I don’t want to bag them – they’ve done the best with what they have.

13. Stoke City

This jersey basically sums up Stoke City – boring, middle of the road and completely unmemorable.

12. Burnley

The big problem for Burnley is that their jersey looks like a Chinese knock-off of a West Ham jersey.

Don’t really fancy the tattoo work on a couple of their ‘stars’ either.

11. Brighton And Hove Albion

This could have been a strip that pushed its way into the top five, but the clashing blues on the sleeves really let this jersey down.

Sadly for Aussie goalkeeper Matt Ryan, the keeper jersey isn’t much better.

10. Manchester United

Manchester United’s fall on the English Premier League table has matched their fall on the jersey rankings.

The collar is awful, the Chevrolet logo is a genuine eye-sore and the black on the sleeves is completely unnecessary.

9. West Ham United

One member of the Ladbrokes team was once savagely beaten by a group of West Ham fans for having the hide to support another team and in order to avoid a similar fate I have given West Ham an incredibly neutral ranking.

8. Swansea City

Swansea City are one of the most likeable teams in the English Premier League and there is absolutely nothing wrong with their home jersey.

They have chosen to really celebrate their Welsh heritage with their away strip and we can get right on board with that as well.

7. Leicester City

How the mighty have fallen.

This time 12 months ago Leicester City were the toast of the sporting world, but to be completely honest we almost forgot them when compiling these rankings this year and it is fair to say that this strip is not particularly memorable.

6. Chelsea

Basic football jerseys are always the best – as you will see at the top of this list – but this current Chelsea jersey might just be too basic.

It really does look like Chelsea took the royal blue Nike template kit and simply added their logo.

5. Arsenal

Even when it comes to jersey rankings, Arsenal simply aren’t good enough to crack the top four.

This jersey will look good when some nutter inevitably sets it on fire on Arsenal Fan TV after a shock loss to Burnley.

4. Watford

What a Cinderella story this is!

Watford are unlikely to challenge for a top ten finish this season, but they sneak into the top four with their unique yellow kit.

3. Liverpool

Liverpool are a vintage club – you can’t blame them for that as they haven’t had any recent success – and this is a vintage jersey.

This is a modern take on a jersey that would fit in in the 1970s and New Balance have done a surprisingly good job.

2. Manchester City

It really does pain me to say this, but this jersey is an absolute ripper.

Manchester City have tried to be very fancy with their kits in recent years, but they have gone back to the basics with this strip and the result is a very clean and fresh looking jersey.


This will probably be the only thing that Tottenham win this season, but boy do they deserve it.

There is no doubt that this is a massive improvement on the Under Armour kit that they wore last season, but what really makes this jersey is the new club badge with a shield around their famous logo, which harkens back to their design in the 1950s.



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