Postecoglou’s Bizarre Playoff Strategy Unveiled


After his two-goal performance in Sydney to get Australia through to the next World Cup Playoff, Socceroos boss Ange Postecoglou is considering cloning Tim Cahill and playing him in all 11 positions against Honduras.

The move has been met with plenty of raised eyebrows among football experts however the 52-year-old is no stranger to taking gambles in big moments.

“I’ve been testing it out on my son’s FIFA game with the Create a Player thing and it seemed to work pretty well. Obviously at his age it leaves us a bit vulnerable for pace out wide but we are great at set pieces now with that aerial power,” he said.

“We just have to teach the Tim playing keeper to stop trying to block everything with his forehead.”

While there are no questions about the original Cahill, who has scored 50 times for his country, being in shape for the November tie, there is only a month to prepare the other Cahills and get them into match shape.

There are also concerns about how the clones will fit into the controversial three at the back formation however with no club commitments, they can train around the clock to get on the same page.

When asked about the left field plan, the man at the centre of it had this to say, “yeah it’s going to be tough and probably a bit draining but you saw what one of me can do so imagine how scared the opponents will be if they see a team full of Tim Cahills.”

With the playoffs set for November there is still plenty to do for all sides still looking to confirm their place in Russia next year.

There was no comment on the rumour that another Tim Cahill was being cloned to coach the side as well after Postecoglou’s reported November departure.