Atlanta Falcons Exclusively Reveal NFL Draft Plans


With the Georgia Bulldogs losing a 20-7 lead in the second half of the College Football Playoff national championship, several members of their graduating class could find themselves plying their professional trade in the same stadium as yesterday’s heartbreaking loss.

The Atlanta Falcons have expressed an interest in bringing every single available player on board in April’s NFL Draft with Director of Pro Personnel Joel Collier already talking up the available prospects.

“Obviously we have a close eye on Georgia with them playing up the road in Athens but last night showed they really encompass the qualities that we look for in our players.”

The Falcons famously had a historic lead in Super Bowl 51, leading 28-3 with just 18 minutes remaining before losing on an overtime touchdown.

That collapse will live with them forever and they will be forever reminded of it thanks to the cruel and unforgiving nature of the internet.

“I went to college in Boston, so I still have some friends there, it would be nice if they stopped sending me messages on Facebook, Instagram, even cards in the mail,” said quarterback Matt Ryan.

The constant taunting and non-stop jokes at their expense have at least provided the college players a taste of what they are in for now that they have a collapse of their own in the annals of college football.

“Yeah I was in on it last year, you couldn’t help but get swept away. But man, now they’re looking at drafting me, I had better cool it,” said a realistic Bulldogs running back Nick Chubb.

According to advanced metrics, Georgia had an expected winning percentage of 92.5% early in the fourth quarter.

This weekend, the Falcons take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Divisional Round and the NFL Draft process really gets going with the annual Scouting Combine in February.