“I Could Do That!” Claims Man Watching Winter Olympics


An overconfident Australian man has booked a holiday to the Victorian ski fields after watching a few days of the Winter Olympics and deciding the events did not look that difficult.

“Yeah, I just started watching them and wanted to prove a point, most of the time they just stand there going downhill,” he responded when questioned about his motivation.

The man in question, who requested anonymity to avoid online comments from people who have watched more than five minutes of winter sport, is confident in his ability to pick up the necessary skills.

“Look, all I need to do is strap on those skis or snowboards then let gravity do the rest, I don’t know why the travel agent kept suggesting I take lessons when I get there.”

Apparently a well spent childhood (in his mind at least) has given him plenty of confidence ahead of this trip.

“It’s just like skateboarding right? I was a legend at that growing up and landing on snow has to be easier than concrete.”

Upon further questioning, the man claims to have the support of his friends and family, although they appear to be in on an elaborate prank.

“Every time he watches something like this he always says it looks so easy and he could do it without practicing, I kept saying he should try it himself and now I’m glad someone else will be looking after him when he comes back in a cast,” said one recent ex-girlfriend.

His parents added, “we kept telling him he was great at whatever sport he tried while growing up, you know, to encourage him, but he could never even get started on a bike, I hope he’s going to be ok.”

You cannot fault the man for his confidence and the fact he is able to be inspired by watching the Olympics.

“I’m going to do one of those big air jumps and see how far I can go, that looks like fun, might even chuck a couple of flips and spins in there for good measure.”

Travel agents are reporting an uptick in ski field bookings thanks to the Winter Olympics however they do tend to advise inexperienced skiers and snowboarders to consult a professional.

Unofficial office pools are popping up already about the most popular “I could do that” event from these Olympics and the 2020 Tokyo Games with early money suggesting the Triathlon and BMX events as the leading options.

In the meantime, having booked the trip without inviting anyone else, this man’s friends and family will have to settle for the inevitable holiday video featuring slightly out of focus footage from a non-name-branded action camera that he just bought off a second-hand site.

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