All Time Greatest Rugby League Ads


For however long there has been ad’s on TV, there have always been footy stars starring in them.

The Ladbrokes Blog has taken the time to carefully trawl through YouTube to bring you this fine collection of Rugby League’s finest TV ads.

We could have devoted this entire blog to just Lowes and Tina Turner commercials but there’s plenty more in the rivers of TV commercial gold to share.

NRMA: Brisbane Broncos feat Dane Carlaw and Corey Parker

The Brisbane Broncos get storm damage confused for Melbourne Storm players ensuring comedy gold in this ad for NRMA Insurance.

SunSilk Base Elements: Featuring the 2003 Sydney Roosters

“Geez, you’re a pretty boy”, the 2003 Sydney Roosters squad star in an ad for Sunsilk Base Elements. An advertising campaign which now infamous for having footballers look like absolute tools. There was also an AFL version starring Collingwood players which was also subject to much ridicule.

Silvio’s Pizza: Brisbane Broncos Pizza

What was the secret to the Brisbane Broncos 1993 premiership success? Their own pizza of course! The ground beef, cheese and potato on the Broncs very own pizza is the meal of champions. We’ve also checked the phone number from the jingle, turns out Silvio’s is now Dominos.

Lowes: Big Marn the Pirate

It could be said that you haven’t made it in League until you’ve starred in a Lowes commercial. Our very own Daryl “The Big Marn” Brohman has been a staple of Lowes ads for years. This one where he is a pirate with a few of his mates is one of the standouts.

NIB Health Insurance: Paul “The Chief” Harragon 

Newcastle Knights and New South Wales legend Paul “The Chief” Harragon was the face of private health insurance provider NIB commercials for years. It could be said that when he went into the jungle for the 2016 series of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! he was more recognised for his work in insurance ads for those from the non-Rugby League states.

Toohey’s: Ray Price

One of the all-time greats of Parramatta and the game itself, Ray Price starring in a legendary ad for Toohey’s from 1984.


XXXX: Billy Moore

Billy Moore, Queenslander, XXXX. Say no more!


Toohey’s New: Wally Lewis

One can only assume that King Wally got paid a very pretty penny to be in this ad during Origin football a few years ago.

Hammer Reef – Shane Webcke

Former Brisbane Bronco Shane Webcke shows his classier side for a drink that no longer exists.

Lowes: Blocker Roach

One of many Lowes ads to feature Steve “Blocker” Roach. In this one, he gets down with the kids.


 Lowes: Fatty Vautin, Blocker Roach, Ray Hadley 1992

This is as peak Lowes ad as Lowes ads can get. Blocker, Fatty and even Ray Hadley.

Blue Haven Pools: Sterlo

In bed with Peter “Sterlo” Sterling talking about pools. It’s rumoured that backyard pools in the Parramatta area tripled within the first of these commercials airing.


Canberra Milk: Raiders Lime

The most Canberra thing outside of Parliament House would have to be Canberra Milk Raiders Lime. It even got Raiders coach Ricky Stuart’s seal of approval.

NSWRL: Winfield cup

MAKING THE BIG GAME BIGGER. Before Tina Turner came into the fray, this jingle from 1987 promoting the upcoming season of the NSWRL is bound to make the hairs stand on the back of your neck.

Burger King: Wally Lewis 

Back from a time when there was both Burger King and Hungry Jacks in Australia, King Wally tucks into a Whopper.

Tip Top Bread: Alfie Langer

Alfie Langer and his Mum star in an ad for Tip Top. Good on ya Mum!

Brisbane Rugby League Ad 1987

One year before the Brisbane Broncos was born, the BRL ruled the game in South East Queensland. WE GO FOR LEAGUE – it’s very Queensland and very 1980’s

Tina Turner –  NSWRL Winfield Cup

We’ve saved the best till last. Tina Turner’s iconic “Simply the Best” NSWRL ads from the early 90’s are as iconic as the game itself.