Commonwealth Games State Of Origin


When it comes to the Commonwealth Games what do the likes of England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, Falkland Islands and Gibraltar all have in common?

None of them competes in their own right at the Olympic Games.

That’s right, when it comes to the Olympics they all compete as Great Britain, a nice luxury to have for a country when it suits.

It got us talking in the Ladbrokes office, what if Australia did something similar for the Commonwealth Games?

That’s right, rather than go to the Comm Games in the Green and Gold of Australia, we’d pretend as though Federation never happened back in 1901 and we sent out teams of States and Territories instead.

“But these are states, not countries competing,” you say?

Each state has its own government and governor that is meant to be the Queens representative that signs off on all legislation, much like how the Governor General works, so it’s feasible that Australian states and territories could be considered nation states as part of the Commonwealth, therefore able to compete in their own right at the Commonwealth Games.

We know this is highly unlikely to ever eventuate, but what we have done is made up what the medal tally would look like had Australia split for the Commonwealth Games based on what it looked like at 2 pm, Monday afternoon.

Here’s the official Gold Coast 2018 Medal Tally with Australia competing as of 2 pm Monday:



















The Aussies sitting on top and having a laugh with old enemy England have plenty of catching up to do. No self-respecting Australian sports fans would have any objections to where we are on in the tally

Now, here’s the tally using our own “State of Origin” Commonwealth Games concept:



Take note: We’ve excluded all team event medals won by Australia so far during the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, so all state-by-state medals in the tally are individual medals only.

 How did we select the medalists in a “State of Origin” context?

Using only the most accurate sources such as Google and Wikipedia, we looked up all the individuals who have won medals and allocated them to respective Australian states and territories. Some may say that these selections are more accurate than some of the questionable ones Queensland has had in the real State of Origin over the years.

Worth Noting:

  • “Host Nation” Queensland would currently be sitting fourth on the medal tally and would be looking to surpass Canada and India for Gold medals. The Maroons would be every chance to take out the number two spot on the tally by the end of the games.
  • South Australia sits in fifth and every chance to go one ahead of Scotland.
  • New South Wales, Victoria, WA and the ACT makes up spots 11 – 13 on the tally. These states would need a big final few days in the athletics to climb up the tally.
  • The ACT has won more gold medals than Tasmania.
  • The Northern Territory is yet to win a medal at the games.
  • If Great Brittain competed as a nation at the Commonwealth Games they would be sitting on 30 Gold, 31 silver and 23 bronze on the Medal Tally. Australia would be ahead by one gold medal as of 2pm on Monday.
  • A major disadvantage of this concept is that England would be sitting on top of the medal tally.

As mentioned earlier in this piece, we know that Australia competing at the Commonwealth Games as States and Territories is highly unlikely to ever happen but based on our scientific calculations and even excluding the team events, Aussies are still right amongst it in the medal tally.

The idea of someone winning a gold medal for Victoria “Stuck it right up ‘em” as the late, great EJ would say warms this authors heart, the fact Queensland are every chance to finish second overall excites most in our Brisbane based HQ and we all know that if someone from the Northern Territory eventually went on to win a medal – the NT News would have an awesome front page installed.

Not to mention, all states and territories would have to have their own flag (Which they already do) and a National Anthem and how good would that be?

It’s Mate against Mate, State against State in the Commonwealth Games. What’s not to love?

Besides the fact that England would finish number one on the medal tally…