Hidden Highlights of the Commonwealth Games Marathon Course


As is tradition in the Commonwealth Games, the marathon events will feature on the final day of competition. There have been plenty of fine Aussie memories made in this event including Robert De Castella claiming the event in 1982 around Brisbane plus Kerryn McCann’s memorable finish in Melbourne 12 years ago.

This year the course might feel familiar to some as it follows a similar route to the annual Gold Coast Marathon. A few changes have been made to make it unique to the Commonwealth Games. To highlight the best and most famous parts of the Gold Coast the runners will go past several landmarks and locally significant places during their two plus hours out on the course. Ladbrokes has obtained “exclusive” information about some of the features that this one off course has and the motives behind including them.

After setting out from the Broadwater Parklands, the runners make their way north and enter the first “landmark” of the course. Runners will go through a boat club in the suburb of Labrador in the sixth kilometre after the first turnaround. With the games being held in a coastal city, it only makes sense to feature the amateur mariners that love to take their boats out on the water most mornings to get away from the house.

After going back past the start/finish precinct, the runners will enter the upscale dining hub of Tedder Avenue. This will give local restauranteurs the opportunity to showcase their cuisine as the runners dodge spilt cutlery and chairs that have not been tucked in. nutrition is key for a long distance event such as this and any runners who might have been a bit too nervous to eat the night before can top up with a triple espresso and bowl of pasta while running through this area.

A very popular activity for young and old is paying a visit to Sunday morning markets and the race will do just that as they go through the markets at Broadbeach, just south of Surfers Paradise. Continuing on the food journey started six kilometres up the road, runners will be forced to navigate the narrow alleys in between the stalls while sampling fresh fruit and vegetables just left out on the open.

In this part of the course eagle eyed spotters might spot some of the old Neighbours characters that were written out by moving to Queensland. Some locals say Maria Ramsey has her own stall at these markets selling homemade soap and body lotions while Scott and Charlene settled by the beach with their child currently enrolled at Bond University.

It would not be an event on the Gold Coast without featuring the famous Gold Coast Meter Maids. Generally, the roads are cleared for an event such as the marathon however to allow the golden swimwear clad icons a chance to shine, cars will be able to park alongside the runners under their supervision. Many expect Warwick Capper to be front and centre as the runners go through Miami to the Burleigh Heads turnaround and it is of great benefit to the crowd with the area’s parking restrictions coming into effect during the women’s event.

As the race enters its final stage, the officials decided to end the race the way many keen petrol heads finish off their day, by doing hot laps around Surfers Paradise. As this is a largely motor free event, the lead bikes will be fitted with an iPod loaded up with stock muscle car noises to be blared out at full volume as they make their way around the circuit again and again. Following that the runners take on a (mere) six kilometre dash to the finish line back in the Broadwater Parklands.