Seven AFL Extra Time Solutions


Saturday’s draw between St Kilda an GWS sparked plenty of debate about whether there needs to be an overtime setup in the AFL regular season.

Some feel a draw is ok, while others want to see a winner emerge from every game.

During finals there is the standard extra time system, but why not take the regular season opportunity to try out something different and see if something sticks.

We at the Ladbrokes Blog had a bit of a brainstorming session and came up with a few ideas about how to decide a game drawn after four quarters.


Right away there is a readymade solution and the AFL needs only to look at its preseason experiment from this year.

At the end of the fourth quarter, the teams have to drop down to ten players (seven outfield and three on the bench) and the field gets condensed down to the size of an AFLX field.

One extra ten minute period is played and whoever is on top at the end of that wins.

The Shootout

When you are looking for a way to break draws, why not go to the sport that produces several of them.

We all remember the Socceroos qualifying for the World Cup via a penalty shootout so why not use that drama to decide who goes home with the points?

Both teams pick their best five players taking shots from 40m out, right in front before going to sudden death.

If you really want to be innovative, follow the new ABBA style shootout that has been introduced.


Along the same lines as a shootout, but instead of a pre-determined spot, it goes like the backyard game where you have to match shot for shot.

Got a banana kick specialist? Send him out and let the other team try to match that.

Sure this could drag on a bit but a few trick shots would certainly keep the crowd engaged, maybe shorten it to A-F-L instead.

American Football

The AFL loves to follow the lead of its American equivalent (& why wouldn’t you, it’s massive) so why not see what they are doing?

Once both teams have possessed the ball it goes to sudden death, unless the first team takes it from the opening bounce and kicks a goal… come to think of it, the college system might be better.

Alternating possessions starting with a kick out from the back seeing who can pull ahead.

The Grand Final Sprint

One of the best parts of Grand Final Day can be utilised here.

One player on the field for the final siren from each side sprints from one end of the field to another.

No chance whatsoever of a pulled hamstring deciding a few games…

Birthday Party Games

Growing up some of the best moments of victory came at friends’ birthday parties so how about a three legged race, pin the tail on the donkey, bobbing for apples or a sack race?

Coin Toss

After playing for around three hours it is quite clear that these teams are pretty even on the day so just toss a coin, home side heads, away is tails and we can all move on with it.

Or you know a draw is fine too… I guess…