Richmond Fans Happy With The State Of The AFL


As the debate has raged in the media about the state of how the game is being played in the AFL has dominated the headlines, a recent Ladbrokes poll has found that 100% of Richmond supporters are really happy with the way the game is played at present.

“Yeah mate, it’s all good from our end,” said lifelong Richmond cheer squad member, Dale Dwyer. “To be honest, footy has had a really rough patch for say, 37 years but I reckon it got much better around September of last year.”

Dwyer further went on to add “The debate about the game not being as good as it once had absolutely got to do with people being upset that Richmond is now the best team in the competition and has nothing to do with the style of play, over-analysis and exposure of the game. No, this is because people have it in for the Tigers.”

Another mad-Tigers fan, Tom Wilson, aged 29 told the Ladbrokes Blog “I’ve been a mad-die-hard Richmond man all my life, and I also think football is perfect right now.”

“I’m that satisfied with how the game is progressing now, I’ve even purchased a Richmond three-game-membership for the very first time after following them all these years.”

Results from the Ladbrokes poll also revealed that fans of the Western Bulldogs thought football was at its best in September 2016, Hawthorn fans think the 1980’s and 2013-15 was sheer perfection and Geelong fans believe it was on a bi-annual basis from 2007-2011.

The survey, which captured the views of fans, player’s past/present and officials also revealed that all the former footballers all thought the game was better under the category of “Back in my day”, 100% of Adelaide Crows fans want a best of three grand finals series with an option to challenge any result and that  95% of  people are of the belief  the AFL is set to ruin something everyone likes for no reason within days.

Another interesting result revealed that amongst former players, the actual debates and discussion about “Footy being better back in the day” was better than it is today.