Royal Wedding Betting Preview


Nothing has captured the imagination of the world quite like this Saturday’s Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle.

For punters, the Royal Wedding could be seen as a hindrance to those of us who would rather be watching the footy, keeping tabs on a couple of races from overseas or even the FA Cup final later that night but fortunately, the bookies at Ladbrokes have come up with a number of excellent novelty markets to make Saturday nights royal love-in a potentially profitable one.

We’ve analysed our Royal Wedding markets to help give you the best insight into this grand occasion.


Meghan to get the order of Prince Harry’s names wrong during the vows – $21.00

Being on the aisle and saying vows can be one of the most nerve-racking experiences for even a seasoned-pro like Markle. Being an actress by trade, it should be a breeze for Meghan to remember the exact order of the Prince’s first names – Henry Charles Albert David but perhaps the nerves of the occasion may get to her. If she mixes the names up in the vows, the odds of $21 could make for a tidy profit.

Prince Harry to drop the wedding ring during the ceremony – $26.00

Harry has always been known as a bit of a loose unit, so will it come into play on the happiest day of the Prince’s life? Will the nerves get to him that old mate Hazza drops the ring during the ceremony? At a tidy $26 you wouldn’t put it beyond Harry dropping the ring as the vows are exchanged.

The wedding car to break down on the way to Westminster Abbey -$51.00

When organising a royal wedding you would assume that no stone goes unturned. You would think that the car taking Meghan down to Westminster Abby would be checked and checked again to ensure nothing goes wrong but perhaps the motor has other ideas.

Prince Harry to forget the wedding ring – $101.00

Any servant who is assisting Prince Harry with the wedding ring on Saturday and forgets it should consider themselves lucky they don’t live in the time of Henry the VIII. Would be (no pun intended) a right-royal-stuff up.

Meghan to ditch Prince Harry at the altar – $251.00

Surely not. There’s no way Meghan will get cold feet and reconsider that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Prince Harry. But will she? If it were to happen, it would be heartbreaking for the Prince and the rest of the world but not for you if you had a sneaky couple of bucks on Harry to be ditched at the altar. While everyone would be shocked and upset you would be happy with your somewhat cruel bet. Although, at the long odds, unless you’re a sadist, it’s probably not worth it.


Much interest in our betting markets has been just what colour will the hat of her majesty the Queen will be. This week a monster gamble has taken place with Green/Teal opening at $12.00 and going into $1.80 with one punter looking at making a four-figure amount should Lizzy come through with the goods.

Clearly, this punter is a Port Adelaide supporter and with Ladbrokes mixing footy with royalty, the Port Power Royal Wedding Multi (Port to win in China and the Queens Hat Green/Black/Teal) going from $5 into $2.10

For the NRL Royal Wedding multi’s the Bunnies to win and the Queen to wear Green/Teal from $10.00 is now into $3.50 and the Raiders to beat the top of the table Dragons with her Maj in a Green/Teal hat from $7.50 into $6.




There’s been much interest in the TV ratings war between with both Channel Seven and Channel Nine bringing out the big guns for their respective broadcasts of the Royal Wedding.

The Royal Wedding is that big that Seven has bumped their AFL broadcast commitments of the St.Kilda v Collingwood game this Saturday night to 7Mate. Although, many would argue that the Saints performances so far in 2018 are worthy of a standard definition broadcast.

At present, Seven’s combination of Melissa Doyle and Micheal Usher has firmed as the favourite at $1.62 with Channel Nine’s coverage featuring Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardiner out to $2.20.

In the TV ratings, Seven tends to win Saturday nights due to their AFL coverage so will viewer habits have people tuning into Seven over Nine this Saturday night will make for a fascinating outcome. Nine at $2.20 makes for solid value.



Is Prince Harry ready to settle down and become a dad? The odds for Harry and Meghan to not muck around and have their first born child in 2019 leads the market at $2.00, with 2020 at $2.50.

The prospect of Harry and Meghan having two-three years as a childless couple probably won’t go down well at the house of Windsor but 2021 is at $5 and 2022 at $10.00 is also great value.

There’s also the chance that Harry and Meghan won’t have a child until 2023 – $26. Unlikely that the Royal Family would let that happen.