Rejected World Cup Markets


The World Cup is not only the greatest sporting event in the world, but it’s also a wonderful time to be a punter.

There are plenty of markets on offer, but some of the suggestions in the Ladbrokes office didn’t make the cut, so we’ve turned it into a blog post.

Luis Suarez to be Suspended for an On Field Incident

Red carded for playing goalkeeper in 2010 and caught biting Giorgio Chiellini in 2014, Suarez loves to make headlines at the World Cup. Some of the suggestions included tying a defender’s shoelaces together mid-match,

Saudi Arabia to Change Coaches Mid-tournament

For a nation that has had 40 managers in the past 30 years, a poor result in tonight’s opener might prompt a shift at the top. After all, you can’t let Spain be the most reactionary federation, can you?

England to Lose the Quarter Final on Penalties (Again)

Would you expect anything different from an English side? Especially if they draw Germany again.

Jamie Vardy to Celebrate a Goal with Raheem Sterling’s Gun Tattoo

Never one to shy away from a creative, emotional celebration Vardy would jump on board with the UK Media’s “outrage” at Sterling’s gun tattoo. Of course, the big issue with this is will Vardy actually take the to the pitch with Harry Kane leading the line.

Joachim Low to be Caught on Camera Picking his Nose

It wouldn’t be a World Cup without the well dressed German getting caught in the act.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic To Tweet That It Isn’t A Real World Cup Without Zlatan

By the time this article gets published Zlatan may have beaten us to it and he’s probably done it four or five times already.

President Trump to tweet “World Cup Should be in the USA”

Trump to tweet about anything is too risky enough as it is and the Donald is already contempt with the USA, Canada and Mexico hosting the 2026 World Cup. We may, however, look at a market to see if the Wall will be built in time for 2026.

Lionel Messi or Sergio Aguero to score a goal with their hand

It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened in a World Cup game, but, yeah, nah our bookies will give this one a miss.

Cristiano Ronaldo to take over as Portugal coach mid-match

Is there anything the man can’t do? You wouldn’t put it beyond him and he’d be perfectly capable of it, but working out correct weight in this market is a grey area.

Craig Foster to cry after a Socceroos game

Old mate Foz wears his heart on his sleeve, even the thought of the Socceroos playing in the World Cup brings a tear to his eye. This market would be at shorter odds of any race Winx has competed in and not really worth a market. We do, however, love the passion of the Foz.

Graham or Kane Cornes to Bag out “Soccer” during the World Cup

Forget the Cold War, Australia’s football code wars is one that will never end. The moment we see a nil-all draw, obvious diving or fans “rioting” expect some of South Australia’s brightest AFL minds bagging out the sport because their opinions matter (According to them anyway). The Cornes family has a good track record of Soccer bashing and if we did go ahead with it Kane would be at $1.01, and Graham at $1.05.

Also, Pat Cash has already beaten the Cornes boys to the chase!


What Movie will SBS show after World Cup Broadcasts

As SBS have split the rights with Optus, it does give them an opportunity to show some of their fine foreign we’ve come to know and love from the Network over the years. Unforuntaley, none of our bookies are experts in foreign cinema and won’t be able to provide a market in this category.