How To: Same Game Multi

The ultimate multi experience just got better with the launch of Same Game Multi, which is available now on selected sports.

If you fancy yourself a sporting notradamus, this is your chance to prove it and profit, but how do you place a Same Game Multi?

How To: Same Game Multi

  1. Find A Market That Has Same Game Multi Available

The lightning bolt icon will tell you if same game multi is available and on the match markets, it will alert you to which are eligible to be included in a same game multi

  1. Construct Your Same Game Multi

Same Game Multi gives you the opportunity to combine single bets in a particular game into a Multi bet.

For instance you can combine the following legs into a Same Game Multi:

  • Sydney Swans to win
  • The first scoring play to be a Geelong goal
  • The final margin to be Sydney winning between 1 and 39 points
  1. Check Your Bet Slip

Go to your bet slip and the same multi will be there beneath your single bets

If you select a market not eligible for Same Game Multi, it will appear in the singles but not in the same game multi slip.

You can also de-select legs of the same game multi should you change your mind.

  1. Place Your Bet

If happy with your selections, enter your stake and BET NOW.

Same Game Multi from Ladbrokes part of a whole new multiverse of punting and gives you a flexibility that simply hasn’t been available in the past.

The Ladbrokes Multiverse allows you to add additional single legs to your Same Game Multi – say Winx to win the Ladbrokes Cox Plate or Richmond to win the AFL Premiership – for a greater potential pay day.

But it gets even better.

If you’re having a same game multi on a different game or even a different sport, you can bet on them separately or add them together as one big multi.

It’s quick, its easy and hopefully very profitable!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a same game multi?

A same game multi bet allows you to place multiple bets (otherwise referred to as a “multi bet”) using a combination of legs within the same AFL and NRL match.

Why are my odds different than a standard multi bet?

Same game multi bets are calculated differently to standard multis to account for the contingency between markets.

Which Sports/Leagues can I use to build same game multi bets?

Same game multis are available on AFL and NRL matches.

Can I add legs from other sports or racing to a same game multi bet?

Yes! Ladbrokes allows you to combine same game multi legs with legs from other sports and even legs from racing.

How many legs can I have in a same game multi bet?

Ladbrokes allows up to 13 legs in total for a same game multi bet. Each leg (or selection), including each same game multi selection will count towards this 13 leg limit.

Can I use Bonus Bets on a multi with same game multi legs?


Can I Cash Out a multi with same game multi legs?


Can I do combination bets which contain same game multi bets?

Yes, however because of the way odds are calculated for same game multis, same game multi selections within the one match are combined and considered as a single leg for the purpose of combination bets.

What happens if one of my selections is voided in a single same game multi?

If one leg of a same game multi is void at any time, the whole same game multi bet will be void, and your stake will be refunded to your balance.

What happens if one of my selections is voided when a same game multi is combined with another same game multi, or one or more other bets?

Where a same game multi bet is combined with another same game multi, or one or more bets to form a larger multi bet, if a leg is void at any time, the combined multi bet will be recalculated excluding that leg. Noting that in these circumstances, selections within a same game multi are combined and considered as one leg.

What happens if a market is settled as a dead heat?

In the event of a dead heat, the full-face value of the bet will be divided by the number of selections involved in the dead heat.

How to tell if a market can be used in a same game multi?

All markets that can be part of a same game multi will show the new same game multi icon.

Tips, recommendations and commentary are for entertainment only. We provide no warranty about accuracy or completeness. You should make your own assessment before placing a bet.