2018 World Cup Champion Results


The 2018 World Cup is in the books and that means that it is time to announce the winner of our World Cup Champion competition!

This competition was a genuine roller-coaster – much like the World Cup itself – and we had a number of different leaders throughout, but at the end of the day it was Steve T that came away with the title of World Cup Champion as well as the $35,000 cash prize.

Steve successfully predicted that France would win the 2018 World Cup Final 4-2, which was worth 1260 points, and that capped off a stellar tournament for this savvy football fan.

If Steve had placed a $10 correct score bet on every single match of the tournament, he would have finished with a profit of $3172.

Successfully picking the score of the 2018 World Cup Final proved to be absolutely vital and in fact the top eight finishes all nailed it to leapfrog their way into the prizemoney.

There were a few players that may have cost themselves prizemoney by failing to tip in every single game!

Michael Z finished in sixth position and took home $3000 for his troubles, but amazingly he only tipped in 38 of a possible 64 games!

He wasn’t alone though – only 14 of the players that finished inside the top 32 to claim prizemoney actually tipped in all 64 matches.

World Cup Champion is just the start of the Free-To-Play Game offerings at Ladbrokes – stay tuned for new games that will be released very soon!