Top Ten Jerseys That Need to Make a Comeback


Can you hear it now? The “quack, quack, quack” building up in the crowd as the Mighty Ducks prepare to take the ice. In honour of their 25th anniversary, the Anaheim Ducks are going back to their roots with a classic jersey featuring one of the best logos in sport.

Fans can’t help but have a special connection to different jerseys and there have been some classic ones that we would love to see get a run again. It took plenty of discussion and debate but we narrowed it down to 10 jerseys/uniforms that we have to see again in some way shape or form.

North Melbourne 1929-1932 Home Jumper

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While the blue and white stripes design is now synonymous with the Kangaroos, this is an excellent look for a clash option. While the white V rules it out from ever being used against Carlton it still carries that clean, classic look and the collar just makes it pop.

Brisbane Bears 1992-1995 Home Jersey

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With an admitted bias towards the Brisbane side of the merger, the maroon and the V really jumps out. It might have to be a third option rather than a clash jersey but it would be great to see the Lions running around the Gabba in that again.

Sydney Swans 1977-1986 Home Jumper

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A good way to honour their history in South Melbourne is to use this classic white with the red v look sported between 1977 and 1986. Once again the collar gives this design a little bit extra and you know most of the side will have the buttons done up all the way to the top.

Brisbane Broncos 1988 Jersey

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The latter days of the NSWRL had some ripper jerseys including this original Brisbane Broncos getup is up there with the best. A similar design is in use as an anniversary jersey for the Broncos this year and if the original with the three-quarter length sleeves makes a comeback we would be all in favour of that.

Manly Sea Eagles 1957 Jersey

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An oldie but a goodie as the Sea Eagles used this one over 60 years ago but it would look great on the likes of Daley Cherry-Evans now. The front of the jersey is what makes this one with the eagle riding/carrying the ball and that should be mandatory on any Sea Eagles jerseys going forward.

Canberra Raiders 1994 Jersey

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Any jersey that brings back memories of a Grand Final win is always going to be remembered fondly by the fanbase but this mid-1990’s Raiders jersey is a true classic, not to mention the bloke wearing it was pretty good as well.

Manchester United 1994-1996 Home Kit

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It was a brave decision to have Old Trafford emblazoned on the front of this shirt but United are one of the few Premier League clubs that could get away with something like this. Next season will cover the 110th anniversary of the iconic ground opening and surely something could be worked out. The yellow and green away kit from 92/93 was certainly unique as well.

Arsenal’s Highbury Farewell Kit

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While Arsenal will likely never depart from their traditional bright red and white colour scheme, this “throwback” kit from their final season at Highbury in 2005/2006 should be a permanent fixture in their rotation. The redcurrant with gold lettering is sublime and can bring back memories of when the Gunners were challenging for the top of the Premier League instead of fourth place.

Liverpool’s Early 1990’s Kit

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Liverpool have produced some of the best kits over the last few years, in part due to their determination to stick to a fairly simple formula. When they did go a bout out there in the 1992/1993 season, they got it spot on with this red home outfit. A green away kit following a similar pattern was the other option that season and it looked just as good, not sure they will be able to have it as baggy as it was 16 years ago though.

Socceroos 1990’s Home Jersey aka “The Spew Kit”

Ask anyone on Sokkah Twitter which is the most popular jersey among that legion of fans at it will undoubtedly be the absolute gem worn in the early 1990’s. It really does not need anything more said about it, so here is new Socceroos manager Graham Arnold wearing it. If they don’t use it as a one off for his first match in charge, we will all be very disappointed.

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