2018/2019 Premier League Kit Rankings


Saturday morning sees the Premier League season come back for another nine-month marathon.

The current quick turnover era encompasses players, managers and perhaps most importantly if you are a sucker for new jerseys like myself, playing kits.

Just about every team has a new twist on their outift this season and that means it is time for a whole new set of our 2018/2019 Premier League kit rankings!

20 – Manchester United

Image Credit – GQ UK

Many fans think Adidas makes some of the best kits in football but this is not one for the highlight reel.

A bizarre black gradient on the bottom of the jersey is the first thing you notice and is very tough to take your eyes off it.

19 – Tottenham

Image Credit – GQ UK

On its own this shirt is actually quite nice, however the shorts combination is what really lets it down.

Spurs have opted to blend the navy on the bottom of the shirt in with the shorts and it works a little too well making it look like either a onesie or the shorts have been pulled up too high.

18 – Arsenal

Image Credit – GQ UK

Arsenal’s time with Puma started off so well with a classic jersey, but in the last year of this supply deal they have dished up this atrocity.

They have strayed just a bit too far away from the traditional Arsenal model (why would you) and the stripes on the sleeves just don’t sit well.

17 – Manchester City

Image Credit – GQ UK

Based on the highly rated Portugal and France template we saw at the World Cup, this should be up the list a few notches, there is just one small issue.

WHAT IS WITH THAT BUTTON? Just one? Why not add in a second one?

Not a great start to the season for some of these big clubs.

16 – Bournemouth

Image Credit – GQ UK

There is something dreary about this combination where even the logos on the front seem to fade into obscurity.

15 – Southampton

Image Credit – GQ UK

A low ranking kit for a side with low ranking expectations.

When the Under Armour logo needs its own special red box it ruins the symmetry of the stripes on the front.

14 – Huddersfield

Image Credit – GQ UK

A bit more of the same from Huddersfield.

It would have been nice to see the stripe pattern played with as well (see Barcelona for how they can chop and change it).

13 – Cardiff

Image Credit – GQ UK

Their all blue kit does have a whiff of “training set” about it with the minimalist pattern that just looks like it’s missing something.

They say results make the kit and the only way this one will live long in Cardiff fan memories is if they make a miraculous run at the top six this year.

12 – Burnley

Image Credit – GQ UK

Burnley have put together this nice ensemble to back up their successful season and their first European competition in over 50 years.

11 – Wolverhampton

Image Credit – GQ UK

Similar to some of the other kits in the Adidas staple, they haven’t tried to get too fancy for Wolves’ return to the Premier League and it has paid off here.

10 – Crystal Palace

Image Credit – GQ UK

On first glance, this didn’t do much but seeing it in a bit more detail, Palace are going to look good this season even if they do struggle on the pitch.

9 – Fulham

Image Credit – GQ UK

One that receives a bit of a boost just because it’s nice to see the Cottagers back in the Premier League.

8 – Watford

Image Credit – GQ UK

This is a massive upgrade on Watford’s effort from last season with the black and yellow stripes looking very nice.

7 – Brighton & Hove Albion

Image Credit – GQ UK

A very clean and simple home kit for Brighton gets a big tick here.

Giving the sponsor a colour coordinated box that blends with the overall jersey scheme gives it an extra boost.

6 – Newcastle United

Image Credit – GQ UK

Classic black and white stripes with black shorts, you just don’t mess with this look and thankfully Newcastle have not.

The giant blue logo on the front stands out like a sore thumb but not much you can do about that.

5 – Leicester City

Image Credit – GQ UK

A new kit supplier for Leicester kicks off their era with this excellent number.

4 – Chelsea

Image Credit – GQ UK

Different, but not so different it steers away from what makes a Chelsea kit work.

Nike have a history of trying some out there things but they have nailed this Chelsea shirt for sure.

3 – West Ham

Image Credit – GQ UK

This is an excellent kit for West Ham and if their final table placing is the same as where they are ranked the Irons will be very happy with how the season unfolded.

2 – Everton

Image Credit – GQ UK

Looking past the Angry Birds logo on the sleeve (which I’m going back and forth on) Umbro have come very close to a home run here.

If the white stripe around the neck was a collar this would have been number one.

1 – Liverpool

Image Credit – GQ UK

Last year’s Champions League finalists Liverpool came close to hitting the treble with top class home and away kits but that third kit leaves plenty to be desired.

Thankfully for the Anfield faithful, this list is ranked solely on home kits and this Liverpool one with the collar is, in this writer’s opinion, the pick of the bunch.


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