Potential Legendary Land – $50 into $99,350


We normally save these Legendary Lands stories until after they come off, but this one was just too good to leave up to the result of a sporting match. One Ladbrokes punter took a late night flyer back in March and is on the verge of collecting a huge windfall, pending the result of the AFL Grand Final on Saturday.

Imagine sitting on your couch, very late one warm March evening having a punt on French racing when you decide to throw caution to the wind and back a three leg multi that won’t come off until the final Saturday in September (if it does come off at all). You start it off with a horse racing in the jumps in France, followed by your pick a Brownlow Medal contender and top it off with an AFL side that finished in eighth place on the ladder and were trounced in the semi-finals.

Starting with Rasango, a then 7-year-old Bay Gelding making her second start after an 860-day break at Compiegne in France. Only our punter will know what drew them to Rasango but their faith in her was rewarded with a win by 3 & ½ lengths over second placed Tom Mix. With this first leg successful at $3.20, our punter was forced to play the waiting game, keeping an eye on the news and scores from the AFL season until the bet would come to fruition this weekend.

It all started at Monday’s Brownlow where getting on early really paid off with Tom Mitchell to win the Brownlow offering $15 odds in early March. Compare that to Monday afternoon when Mitchell was a very short priced favourite to take it out. His win was built on a successful first three rounds which saw him pick up maximum votes. There might have been a few nerves after Round 5 when Mitchell’s fast start was potentially undone with a report for a high elbow but his campaign was kept alive after being fined instead of suspended. Steele Sidebottom took the lead after Round 17 but maximum votes for Mitchell in Rounds 18 & 19 brought him back in front before sealing the victory after Round 21.

With two legs in the bag it all comes down to West Coast beating Collingwood in Saturday’s Grand Final. After jumping on them at $41, West Coast rebounded after an opening round loss to Sydney by winning their next ten in a row announcing themselves as genuine Premiership contenders. A three game losing run was slight cause for concern but they bounced back by winning six of their last eight to end the season in second place behind Richmond. After winning both their finals games, West Coast have the chance to complete this phenomenal Legendary Land.

They say nothing good happens after midnight, but if West Coast do find a way to get up this weekend, this punter can provide some evidence to the contrary. Whether it was through clever study or just some blind optimism, this punter is on the verge of a phenomenal win. Safe to say they will be wearing Eagles colours this weekend with a bit more than just emotion riding on the result of Saturday’s game.

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