Eight Reasons Why It’s OK To Support West Coast


For a neutral fan, picking a side in this years AFL Grand Final is a hard task but after some consideration, it’s as easy as ABC – Anyone But Collingwood.

We’ve come up with eight reasons why it’s okay to support the Weagles in the AFL Grand Final tomorrow.

(1) Collingwood

It’s pretty simple. They are playing Collingwood. Even the thought of supporting the Pies makes you cringe. As a result of writing our eight reasons why you should go for Collingwood blog yesterday, the Ladbrokes social team has been taking cold showers and have booked in for counselling.

(2) Collingwood

Do you have any idea what Melbourne, let alone Australia and the world will be like should Collingwood win the Grand Final? Feral. Absolutely feral. The summer of 2010-11 was bloody hard work full of Magpie fans gloating all summer long with “COOOLLLLLINNNNNGGGWWWWOOOOOD” chants and #Flagpies. Yuck. One only needs a historical reminder as to what Melbourne was like after the Magpies broke their 32-year drought after winning the 1990 Grand Final against Essendon.

(3) Collingwood

Here’s a stat – if Collingwood win the Grand Final they will be equal with Essendon and Carlton for the most premierships won (16) in VFL/AFL history. Do you really want Collingwood fans boasting that they have the most premierships* in the League?

Do you really want to see Collingwood on top of this list?


(* Some premierships were won under a challenge rule in the early days of the VFL)

(4) Collingwood

Before you think “Oh Bucks is a good guy” and “How funny is Mason Cox!” take a good hard look at the mirror and remember who you are dealing with.

Anyway, for West Coast supporters, there’s only one Big Cox that ever mattered, and that’s Dean.

The Original and the best Big Cox…Dean. 


(5) Anyone But Collingwood

There are only a few rules in life – nothing is certain but death and taxes, do to others as you would have them do to you and anyone but Collingwood. Even if you don’t like the West Coast Eagles, they are playing Collingwood in a Grand Final. When in doubt, always remember your ABC – Anyone But Collingwood.

(6) Eddie McGuire

Need we say anymore? Could you imagine an entire year of Eddie gloating about Collingwood winning the premiership? Do you really want this?

However, there is hope. Should West Coast be up in the final minutes of the Grand Final one can only imagine what Eddie will look like once the Channel 7 camera gets a shot of the president?  Schedenfrudere at its absolute best.



(7) Collywobbles

Is there anything in football that gives supporters of 17 other clubs more joy than the Collywobbles? Should West Coast beat the Pies tomorrow, the proud football tradition that is Collingwood losing in Grand Finals continues and the world is a better place.

(8) Know-all’s and Wise Men From The East

The bridge in the original West Coast Eagles theme song summed it up best “So watch out, all you know all’s, all you wise men, from the East. You’ll get more than just a footy game, you’ll GET A WEST COAST EAGLES FEAST!”

As the debate on social media about the venue of the Grand Final and Victorian dominance in recent years rages, West Coast winning the flag would deny the Vics what they regard as their premiership cup away from them.

It would be great, however, if the Eagles brought back their original theme song. It rocks!


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