All-Time Cricket Bangers


With Australia getting ready for the upcoming test series against India, what better way to get fired up for the First Test in Adelaide with the ultimate Cricket playlist.

We’ve trawled through YouTube to bring you some of the finest Cricket songs ever recorded.

In no particular order here’s our list of Cricket songs to really get you inspired for yet another big (and very different) summer of Cricket.

New Horizons – Brian Bennett   

Better known as the Channel 9 Wide World of Sports Cricket theme, this is arguably the most iconic piece of production music ever recorded.

Originally used as the theme in the short-lived Australian cop show “Bluey” (which turned into “Bargearse” on The Late Show) the song was adopted for the very first season of World Series Cricket by Channel 9 and it remained the theme until they lost the broadcast rights to the Australian Summer of Cricket earlier this year.

No matter how you might feel about Channel 9 no longer broadcasting the Cricket, it’s going to be weird not hearing this iconic tune on our TV’s this summer.

Fanfare For The Common Man – Emmerson, Lake and Plamer

With Cricket now being on Channel Seven (along with Foxtel) reports have it that Seven is honouring their own sports broadcasting history and bringing back Fanfare for the Common Man for its Cricket coverage and other sports broadcasts.

While you might tend to associate this tune with coverage of AFL, Tennis (which is now on Nine), Golf and Sports World on a Sunday morning it’s great to see that Seven is bringing back this iconic tune from 70s prog-rock band ELP.

Dreadlock Holiday – 10cc

Whenever you meet someone who proclaims “I don’t like Cricket” always respond with “I love it!”.

British band 10cc reggae hit from 1978 will always remain a staple of any Cricket related playlist.

We All Shagged Matilda – The Barmy Army

One of the many chants of the Barmy Army, “We all Shagged Matilda” is on high rotation during an Ashes series.

This clip of a BBC reporter not being able to do his piece to the camera due to the Barmy Army singing it in the background is classic.

Go Aussie Go – ACB Jingle late 90s/early 2000s

Anyone growing up in this era would remember this being used in Cricket promotions and the single to it was included in Milo Have A Go Cricket clinic packs. It’s a catchy tune but not quite of the standard of “Come on Aussie, Come on”

Dwayne DJ Bravo – Champion

Dwayne Bravo features in this ditty paying tribute to those he considers a champion.

Outstanding stuff!

Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw – Six and Out

You can’t have a Cricket playlist without “Six and Out”.

Richard Chee Quee, Brothers Brett and Shane Lee, Brad McNamara and Gavin Robertson all made up the NSW cricket supergroup.

Their only hit to peak at number 100 of the ARIA Chart “Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw” a hilarious take on the Scott Muller/Shane Warne/Joe the cameraman incident of 1999.

Joe The Cameraman even appears in the video clip and the song.

Brett Lee’s Bollywood Hit

Many told Brett Lee to stick to Cricket.

Lee was having none of that.

His Bollywood tune from 2006 was a smash hit in India and a real story about finding love and taking wickets.

Cricket Lovely Cricket – Jah Thomas

Another bit of reggae to our Cricket playlist.

This tune from 1979 is sure to get you in the groove for Cricket, Lovely Cricket.

Howzat! – Sherbet

Before Darryl Braithwaite went solo and released the song that defined a generation – Horses – there was his band Sherbet and one of their many hits “Howzat”.

Although if you listen to the lyrics it’s not really about Cricket, it’s good enough for this playlist.

Tasmanian Tigers Song 1996

This song along with Ricky Ponting’s goatee is bound to make who fear to play the boys from the Apple Isle.

No doubt this would have been pumping in the pavilion before heading out onto Bellerive Oval back in the day.

Here Come The Aussies / Bowl A Ball, Swing A Bat– Australian 1972 Ashes Team

The official song of Australia’s Ashes campaign in 1972 features the entire squad singing the anthem “Here come the Aussies.” The B-side “Bowl A Ball, Swing A Bat” is also an outstanding piece of musical genius that’s gone underappreciated over the years.


Come On India – Shankar Mahadevan

The official anthem of India’s 1999 World Cup campaign the tune, player cameos and clip, in general, is epic.


Our Don Bradman – Len Maurice

A vintage classic about the almighty Don.

This song would be on high rotation on former Prime Minister John Howard’s iPod when he was doing his morning walk back in the day.

Hey Hey Ricky – The Barmy Army

The Barmy Army released a single and video clip in the leadup to the 2009 Ashes Series with them basically dissing Australia and our players.

It obviously worked, England won the series.

Who’ll Rule The World? – 1992 Cricket World Cup Song

The anthem for the 1992 World Cup held in Australia/New Zealand is the stuff of legend.

It was the first world cup to ditch the white in favour of the coloured uniforms and the song is yet another Cricket banger.

The Ashes Song – Tuffers and the Wooden Urns

A song with Phil Tufnell rapping in the middle of it.

Need I say no more?

I made A Hundred At The Backyard at Mums – Greg Champion

More known for his songs about AFL with the Coodabeen Champions, Greg Champion’s tribute to backyard cricket is an absolute classic.

Marvellous – The 12th Man featuring MC(g) Hammer

“Welcome back to the MCG, or the Gabba, Or the WACA…”

Reaching the top of the ARIA charts for two weeks in 1992 this smash hit from the 12th Man is an absolute staple of any Cricket playlist.

World T20 Theme Song – Bathiya & Santhush, Randhir, Arjun

With Sri Lanka also featuring this Summer, it’s fair we include this classic from the time the nation hosted the World T20 tournament back in 2014.


Come on Aussie, Come On – The Mojo Singers / Shannon Noll

We’ve saved the best till last.

The Cricket song of all Cricket songs – Come on Aussie, Come On.

The song that made World Series Cricket and topped the charts.

Performed by advertising agency – the Mojo Singers – the song topped the charts in 1978 and there have been a few versions of it ever since the original one was released

First, let’s start with the original version…

Once World Series Cricket and the ACB sorted out their differences the song would be updated each year to promote whoever was touring that summer, here’s one from when the Indians came to Australia in 1980.

Probably wouldn’t get away with it these days…

After a bit of a rest from Cricket promotions for a number of years, the song was resurrected in 2004 with Shannon Noll giving a more recent adaption of the Mojo classic

If you want the complete collection of Come on Aussie, Come on Mojo the advertising company have put up the entire collection on Youtube (along with a few other classic ads from back in the day)

Overall, there’s no doubt that the songs (and many others) about Cricket are absolute bangers. In the words of Molly Meldrum “Do yourself a favour” and get these tunes pumping before the first ball is bowled in Adelaide on Thursday.