Rejected Super Bowl LIII Markets


Every year we offer hundreds of markets on the NFL Super Bowl, after all it is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. The thing is, not every suggestion for a market manages to get up for one reason or another. But for your amusement, the hardworking, investigative staff of the Ladbrokes Blog were able to dig through the garbage bins and find some of the notes on the markets that just didn’t quite make it into our Super Bowl odds section.

Bill Belichick to Display Any Sort of Emotion

The normally stoic Patriots coach is generally seen with a resting pulse approaching single digits. Emotion is not something you would associate with Belichick and anyone who has seen one of his press conferences knows that he barely moves a muscle in his face when he talks, so seeing him lose his mind on the sideline isn’t totally likely. Chances are for him to look happy the Patriots have to win, and we already have a market on that happening.

Tom Brady to Plug his Training Regime on the Broadcast

Did you know Tom Brady is 41? Well if you didn’t then the broadcast will mention it for sure, and Brady’s unique training regimen focused on pliability is sure to get a run from Jim Nantz and Tony Romo. $1.01 would be generous odds for this coming up.

Anytime Celebrity Bandwagon Fan Tracker

For about 20 years, the NFL was non-existent in LA, right through to the Rams return year of 2016. When they started winning last season, a ticket to the Coliseum became the hottest thing in town, but having to travel to Atlanta? As if!

Perhaps the only registered Rams fan in LA is Ty Burrell or as you might know him, Phil from Modern Family. Chances are if you see some celebrity decked out in blue and gold during the broadcast, they probably have a new album, movie or TV series on the way. We wanted to see who would get some camera time during the broadcast but some odds were not even worth looking at.

An actual Rams fan!

Mark Wahlberg to Leave Early… Again

Loyal, dedicated and fierce Boston fan Mark Wahlberg left the Super Bowl early two years ago, when the Patriots were trailing to the Falcons. Surely Marky Mark wouldn’t put in a repeat performance here?

Julian Edelman to Get Unnecessarily Angry at Someone

Julian Edelman has gotten to where he is in large part because of the gigantic chip on his shoulder which is all well and good, until it makes him carry on like a bit of a pork chop on the field. Ask any Patriots fan and they will tell you there is always at least one moment where he leaves you going, “dude, what are you angry at?!” Another one of those $1.01 propositions.

We get it Julian, you’re a “competitor”. Photo by Matt Stone

Rob Gronkowski to Spike Random Objects

After seeing a subdued Rob Gronkowski for most of the season, the Patriots tight end has let loose in the past couple of weeks, perhaps knowing this might/will be his last NFL game. It was suggested by some in the office that, in line with our Anytime Touchdown market, we should offer odds on various objects Rob Gronkowski could spike in his trademark celebration. Some of the objects which came up included a football, a helmet, a referee, a teammate, Bill Belichick, a Gatorade cooler, the Lombardi Trophy and his shoe. Realistically the possibilities are endless when you think about it.

“Gronk spike ball.. what else can Gronk spike?!” Rob Gronkowski (probably)

Roger Goodell to get Booed During the Trophy Presentation

A tradition unlike any other… booing the guy who runs the league during the ceremony at the end of the game. Another one that would come in with $1.01 odds.

Ndamukong Suh to Stand on an Opponent

One of the most feared defensive linemen in the league, Suh has (sort of) cleaned up his act this season but is always liable to have the red mist descend. In a game like this you don’t want to see any kind of dirty, underhanded play, even if you could profit from it.

That’s… not part of the game…

Sean McVay to Take a Selfie During the Game

If you’ve watched any news coverage during the last fortnight you will know that the Rams boy-wonder coach has been a big storyline. At 33 he is practically a baby by NFL coaching standards, especially when you consider he’s up against a guy twice his age. So what do all of these millennials love to do now? Instagram it with #blessed… yeah it didn’t seem right to us either.

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