5 Lessons Learned – NFL Week 8


For some teams it’s the halfway point of the season while the rest are a week away from that point.

Next week comes our midseason review of the numbers from the NFL games but there was a lot to learn about some teams this weekend.

Some gave us reason to believe, others reminded us why they are the way they are and the rest… well you can make arguments both for and against their chances.

Check out what we took away from an eventful Week 8 of NFL action right here.

1- Caveat Emptor in the Buffalo Market

There’s been a lot of justifiable optimism around the Bills so far this season but boy did they get smacked around by the Eagles.

There’s a legal phrase that applies here, “caveat emptor” which loosely translated means “watch out idiot” and is a warning to do your research before getting on board with something.

It’s not time to throw the Bills in the bin, they do have a very manageable schedule on the cards, starting with Washington this week.

You might not want to back them against the Patriots in Week 16 but they do have a fair few games coming up where they should be favoured.

2 – Brees Back to Normal

It turned out to be the best possible outcome for the Saints, Drew Brees returned and looked like his old self against the Arizona Cardinals.

34/43 for 373 yards and three touchdowns and most importantly, a 22 point win over the Cardinals.

Now there’s a bye for the Saints before four straight divisional matchups including back to back games against the wretched Atlanta Falcons.

If you’d put a unit on the Saints at the line every week while Brees was out you’d be pretty much guaranteed a profit on the team this season and now there’s a chance of an overcorrection on the team in these games.

We will probably see the Saints move into the same category as New England and anyone playing Miami where they have some double digit lines to deal with and because of the potency of the offence, their over/under totals will probably move back in the 50’s.

3 – Ain’t That a Kick in the Head… & Guts, Groin, Knees & Other Body Parts

You almost, ALMOST have to feel bad for the Bears.

After spending all offseason trying to find a kicker they can trust in a clutch situation and thinking they might have found something in Eddie Pineiro, there was a massive letdown when his game winning attempt sailed wide.

He’s now one for two on game winning attempts this season, hitting one in Denver in Week 2, but kicker is probably their second most pressing issue.

They clearly have no faith in Mitch/Mitchell Trubisky as evidenced by the fact they didn’t trust him to get closer than the Chargers 21 yard line with 50 seconds remaining.

It’s going to be the same story as always with the Bears then, win the game on defence and hope that Trubisky doesn’t screw things up, unfortunately for them they have the Eagles coming to town this week.

4 – The Best 49ers Team in a Long Time

It’s not exactly breaking news that an undefeated team seven games in is one of the best sides in the NFL, but that 49ers defence is legitimately good.

Carolina came off the bye feeling pretty good about where they were at without Cam Newton but the 49ers buzzsaw rolled right through Kyle Allen who threw his first interception of the season… and his second… and his third.

Things will get tougher over the next month and a bit with Seattle, Green Bay, Baltimore and New Orleans all coming up over the next six weeks.

If the 49ers are as good as they have looked at times, there could be some very interesting prices on offer that could be worth backing, either for or against the 49ers.

5 – The Next Big Test

How do you beat the unbeaten Patriots?

There’s actually a couple of pretty clear ways, if you play a perfect game and avoid making mistakes.

On offence, the Patriots line is suspect at best, with three first choice players out of action, although Isaiah Wynn could be back after the Week 10 bye.

That record setting defence has allowed four touchdowns, but cancelled it out with four scores of their own and setting up plenty more with a short field on a turnover.

They are far from invincible however and can be run on, as demonstrated by Nick Chubb going for 131 yards, backing up Frank Gore’s big day back in Week 4.

Who’s a team that can run the ball really well and control the clock?

Why it’s the next team on the Patriots schedule, the Baltimore Ravens, who will definitely be up for this game given the history between the two franchises.

It does bear watching how much Bill Belichick will sell out to try and stop the Ravens on the ground and ask Lamar Jackson to try and win the game with his arm but either way it’s going to set up for a great clash Monday lunchtime.

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