Anthony Mundine vs John Wayne Parr Preview


World’s Collide this Saturday night in Brisbane when veterans Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine and John Wayne ‘The Gunslinger’ Parr enter the boxing ring at the Convention Centre.

One of Australia’s greatest ever athletes and divisive sportsmen takes on our most decorated combat sportsman in a very interesting boxing match.

Both men are well into their forties however both have unrivaled history and experience in combat sports and come from different backgrounds making this fight a tantalizing prospect for fight fans.

No matter what your opinion of this fight there is still money to be made and we have taken a very close look at both fighters and offer our thoughts and betting suggestions can be found below.

JWP vs Mundine Betting

We created a market way back at the start of October and we opened John Wayne Parr as the $1.50 favourite.

The punters quickly snapped up the $2.50 available for Anthony Mundine and we evened out the prices very quickly.

JWP remains the slight favourite in betting at $1.80 at time of writing (Wednesday) with Mundine at $2.00

JWP vs Mundine Recent Form

Anthony Mundine has lost four of his last six fights including a first round KO loss to Jeff Horn this time last year.

He has quite a good overall boxing record, however as it has happened so many times before in the fight game, the losses start to stack up at the end of a fighter’s career.

His loss against Horn seemingly spelt the end for Mundine however he is a man with a fair amount of pride and he does not want to end his storied career with a loss.

Forty-Three year old John Wayne Parr is a veteran of 145 professional fights (132 in Kickboxing/Muay Thai) and has amassed 10 world titles in his celebrated career.

He has won 99 of his 132 Kickboxing/Muay Thai fights and found himself on a six fight win streak before losing his last two fights in Bellator and then Rizin.

His latest ‘loss’ was full of controversy however, as his opponent twice landed illegal elbows and many believed the veteran clearly won the fight (he lost via split decision).

How JWP Can Win?

Pressure. Pressure. Pressure

Make no mistake, John Wayne Parr is an elite striker and he throws an incredible amount of combinations. One punch will almost always be followed by two, three or more and this can create an enormous amount of trouble for an ageing and slowing Mundine.

Some will point to Mundine’s experience as his greatest strength in this fight. Those people don’t know the JWP story (for those that want a brief history head to Youtube and watch his chats with legendary Podcaster Joe Rogan.)

JWP started fighting at 14 years old and spent five years in Thailand, eating, fighting and living as a Thai fighter. He was one of, if not the, most successful Westerner to compete in Thailand.

He has had four fights in front of 100,000 people in Thailand and has fought some of the toughest Muay Thai fighters that have ever lived.

Granted this is a boxing match, however he has 10 wins from 13 professional boxing bouts to his name. All 10 wins came by KO. His last boxing fight was against Sakio Bika in which he went all twelve rounds and lost a decision in 2003. Bika went on to win the WBC World Title just a year later.

Althought JWP’s scar tissue may cause a problem if he is cut, his chin is as solid as they come. Mundine’s clearly is not. He will be targeting this with plenty of combinations and looking for the finish.

How Mundine Can Win?

Despite JWP’s boxing prowess, he is no match for Mudine from a boxing experience point of view.

Mundine is one of the best defensive boxers that the country has ever seen and his best plan of attack is in his defence.

Mundine will be best served using his jab and scoring points while using his evasive skills to get away from the flurry of punchers that will not doubt be coming his way.

He can not allow JWP to fire at will and he needs to use his counter punching early in the fight and not allow Parr to dictate terms.

His opponent is only one year younger than him so his pace (at least with his legs) may be used to his advantage. He is a crafty fighter and his boxing IQ has been used to gain an edge so he will need to rely on this yet again.

Our Prediction

Anthony Mundine’s career has been halted in it’s tracks in recent times and an attempt to finish with a win against an older fighter who has not boxed in some time will prove in time to be a bad one. One he will not look back on with fondness.

John Wayne Parr is legit. For those that have followed his career, will know that he is ever the professional and will be trained to the minute for this contest. This is his chance to introduce himself to an Australian public that may have blinked and missed his storied career.

In the twilight of his career, John Wayne Parr has the opportunity to take on a guy that has hogged the Australian combat sports limelight for the best part of twenty years. And put an end to it.

Best Betting Plays

John Wayne Parr To Win By KO

John Wayne Parr To Win By KO in Rounds 1-6

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