5 Lessons Learned – NRL Round 2


The NRL continued through Round 2 over the weekend and after a number of arm wrestles last week, we got to see some teams flexing their attacking muscle with some more points coming in this weekend.

While there is still doubt about whether or not Round 3 will even take place at the time of writing we are able to put together our top five takeaways from the past few days of rugby league.

Read on to see our 5 Lessons Learned.

1 – Favourites Improve on Last Week

It was a better week for favourites backers than Round 1 with the more fancied teams registering a 6-2 record head to head and 4-4 against the spread.

The Panthers and Storm both recorded wins but failed to cover what are (by their standards at least) relatively small lines.

Remarkably though, the Raiders had the biggest line of the week favoured by 12.5 over the Warriors and with the Kiwi side playing their home game on the Gold Coast, they managed to cover.

The Knights on the other hand continued their very strong start to the season with another big win, backing up their shutout win of the Warriors with a win away to Wests on Sunday afternoon.

2 – Points Up for Some

Last weekend the highest score was 28 points and just two of the eight matches went over the total points number.

Thankfully this week there were plenty of points across the weekend as some sides really began to find their stride (avoiding the obvious observation about “great timing”) with the ball in their hands.

The Dragons put up 28 points in a losing effort while the Panthers, Knights and Eels all topped that number with the latter two teams topping 40 points, both of which covered the points total in their matches on their own.

While the jury might still be out on the Cowboys as a head to head betting proposition, there have been plenty of points in their matches so far and the over has hit in both games this season.

It sets up what should be a fun clash next weekend when they are supposed to host the Eels in a game that could be “first to 50 wins”.

3 – Broncos Build on Last Week

It’s fair to say the Broncos have been a pleasant surprise, winning their first two matches against fairly tough opponents.

Having backed up their Round 1 win in Townsville with a tight victory over the Rabbitohs on Friday night, the Broncos are one of the few teams to go back to back with wins and covers, even more impressive considering they were underdogs in both games.

There’ll be a good test of punters faith when they visit the Gold Coast Titans in Round 3 but with an early line still in the single digits, there’s a great chance to jump on the Broncos.

4 – Storm Go Back to Back on the Road

Look, we can all accept the Storm are good no matter where they play but a 2-0 start from back to back away games shows they will continue to be a force in 2020.

While they are still a way off top gear grinding out early season wins is a good reminder of how valuable a team like the Storm can be when putting together multis.

What is also useful about the Storm is their ability to serve as a measuring stick for other sides like their next opponent Penrith.

With the Panthers defeating the Roosters and Dragons thus far, we can see just how strong they are against the NRL’s powerhouse club.

5 – Dragons Fail to Take Advantage of Home Start

While the Storm had their first two games on the road, the Dragons were at home in the first two rounds, albeit under unusual circumstances in the second one but an 0-2 start is not a good sign.

Having posted a 4-8 record at home last season, that is one area the Dragons will have been very eager to improve on and with the way they started this season, it’s not looking good.

Up next it doesn’t get any easier with a trip to Canberra scheduled.

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