NBA2K20 Players Tournament Preview


The NBA has announced a special online 2K20 tournament airing on ESPN this Saturday that will feature 16 active players squaring off in single, head-to-head style. 

Kevin Durant, Trae Young and Donovan Mitchell are among the stars competing for the crown, while there is also $100,000 up for grabs that will be donated to the coronavirus charity of their choice. 

The tournament is seeded based on each player’s 2K ratings with every participant choosing from one of eight current NBA teams. 

As expected, the growing popularity of Esports has already made this a popular betting play for desperate NBA fans, and we are offering markets for all head-to-head matches as well an overall winner below. 

Devin Booker – $3.00

  • Seed: 5
  • Rating: 86

Booker holds the fifth seed in the tournament but has surprisingly been the most well-backed player firming from a whopping $11.00 into $3.00 overnight. 

The Phoenix Suns guard holds an overall 86 rating on 2K and has a very favourable first-round matchup against Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr (12th seed). 

Booker has come up clutch in real-life competitions like the 2018 Three-Point Contest, so it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if he wound up in the final. 

Kevin Durant – $5.00

  • Seed: 1
  • Rating: 96

Durant holds a 96 rating on 2K and has naturally been installed as the first seed. He should have plenty of practice time under his belt after missing all of the current season with a ruptured achilles, while it’s also worth noting Durant is a COVID-19 survivor. The motivation is certainly there, let’s just hope he doesn’t change teams halfway through. 

Trae Young – $6.00 

  • Seed: 2
  • Rating: 90

Ice Trae is used to coming up clutch as an underdog and he looks enormous value here as the two seed. 

He’ll face Harrison Barnes in the first round as the odds-on favourite, but it’s a real shame his new-found rival Jimmy Butler wasn’t invited to play. The trolling over the headset would be god level. 

Donovan Mitchell – $7.50 

  • Seed: 4
  • Rating: 87

It’s hard not to like Mitchell. He’s a great dude that always puts his fans and the community first, and I think he’s being enormously undervalued in his first-round matchup against 13 seed Rui Hachimura. 

Hassan Whiteside – $9.00

  • Seed: 3
  • Rating: 87

This tournament should suit Whiteside to a T, especially since… y’know, he doesn’t actually have to be a team player for a change. 

Deandre Ayton – $11.00 

  • Seed: 10
  • Rating: 85

Ayton looks a little over-valued in the market for mine as the 10th seed. A matchup against fellow teammate Devin Booker would be pretty cool, though. 

Montrezl Harrell – $11.00

  • Seed: 8
  • Rating: 85

Harrell was enjoying a career year on the court averaging just over 18 points a game. That doesn’t mean much as far as 2K is concerned though, and he’ll need to be at his best in against Domantas Sabonis in the first round. 

Zach LaVine – $11.00

  • Seed: 7
  • Rating: 85

LaVine should be in his element here. He’s used to carrying an entire team on his back. 

Andre Drummond – $15.00

  • Seed: 6
  • Rating: 85

Drummond made the playoffs only twice during his nine-year stint with the Pistons, so how did he spend his free time between April and October? Maybe the answer is 2K. 

DeMarcus Cousins – $15.00 

  • Seed: 11
  • Rating: 81

Boogie is still a free agent, so I have no idea how he still has an 81 rating on 2K. He does seem like the gamer type though, so he’s my pick for an upset over Drummond on Saturday. 

Domantas Sabonis – $15.00 

  • Seed: 9
  • Rating: 85

Sabonis is the dark horse in the field. He’s used to being overlooked in his actual NBA career and an upset at the $2.00 odds over Harrell in the first round is well worth a look. 

Michael Porter Jr – $15.00

  • Seed: 12
  • Rating: 81

Porter is one of only two rookies in the field but he’s got it tough in Round 1 against Devin Booker. Bet at your own risk. 

Rui Hachimura – $15.00

  • Seed: 13
  • Rating: 79

Hachimura really made a name for himself before the season was postponed. His overall 79 rating puts him in a tough spot, though. 

Derrick Jones Jr – $17.00

  • Seed: 16
  • Rating: 78

Maybe if it was a Slam Dunk Contest?

Harrison Barnes – $17.00

  • Seed: 15
  • Rating: 78

Barnes plays for the Kings, so expect to get your hopes up before an epic choke. 

Patrick Beverley – $17.00 

  • Seed: 14
  • Rating: 78

Won the Skills Challenge in 2014, so at least you know those thumbs work.

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