NRL Round 9 Betting Summary



In what was an enormous turn in fortunes for punters, the Brisbane Broncos provided their biggest highlight in Round 9.

Corey Oates hasn’t been as prolific a try scorer in 2020 as seasons gone by, but plenty of punters were tempted by the $21 available for him to cross first against the Bulldogs and they were rewarded.

Siebold’s men also attracted plenty of attention in match betting ($1.60) and with the 3.5-point line and ultimately, the result never looked in doubt.


Only two Round 9 games ended in a positive result for the bookies, but the Titans vs Warriors game was a fill up.

The Warriors were truck loaded across the board and went $2 into $1.68 in match betting. We were on the verge of another horror result, but second-game hero Beau Fermor sealed the result for his side and for the bookies in the 74th minute.

Not even a 17K bet on the Titans to win by a margin of 1-12 was enough to sour the result.


There wasn’t one – most games saw an even spread of attention for several players.

Panthers’ back Brent Naden received good support and crossed in just the third minute against the Sharks at $9, but even that didn’t result in a particularly noteworthy collect for punters.


This week goes to a punter who was extremely confident in the winning chances of both the Storm and the Panthers.

Our punter in question shelled out 45K on a multi of the Storm to win both halves in their game with the Raiders, and the Panthers to win both halves in their game with the Sharks.

There were a few tense moments in the second half of the first game, but ultimately our punter was rewarded for his bravery.


The Bulldogs barely fired a shot in their match with the Broncos and went $4 into $2 to suffer the most losses in 2020.

On the other side of that result, the Broncos drifted $7 out to $21 in the same market.

The Raiders’ loss to the Storm was further soured by an injury to Josh Hodgson, and with news that the star hooker will now miss the remainder of the season, his side are out to $15 in Premiership betting.


Panthers – $7.50 > $6
Raiders – $7 < $15

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