This Day In Sport – August 9


They say we should use this time to learn something new – so we thought we’d offer up a history lesson free of charge!

We’re going to be recapping all the important sporting moments each and every day on the Ladbrokes Blog.

So if it’s AFL, NRL, Basketball, Cricket, Golf or even Wrestling, be sure to return each morning as we take a trip back through the history books to relive some of the great sporting moments in This Day In Sport!

2012 – Bolt of Lightning

Usain Bolt became the first sprinter in history to win back-to-back gold medals in the Olympic 100m and 200m events at the London games.

In the 200 meters, Bolt would run a time of of 19.32, two 100ths of a second shy of what was the Olympic Record.

At the London games, Usain Bolt would become the first athelete to win the 200 meters gold at two Olympic games.

He would win his third 200 meters gold four years later at the Rio games.

1936 – Owens Wins Fourth Gold Medal

We’re sticking with the Olympics in today’s edition of This Day In Sport.

America’s Jesse Owens won his fourth gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Games after he teamed up with Ralph Metcalf, Fay Draper and Frank Wykoff; running a world record time of 39.8 seconds in the 4×100 relay.

The World Record woudl stand for 20 years.

At the Berlin games, Owens had won gold in the 100 and 200 meters sprints and the long jump along with the relay medal.

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