5 Lessons Learned – UFC 252


1. Stipe Miocic Is The Goat

It’s hard to argue now that Stipe Miocic is not the Greatest Heavyweight in UFC History.

He has just three losses to his name from 20 fights and has defended the Heavyweight belt a record four times.

He has wins over some of the greatest in the highest weight class available and has proven himself time and time again.

The second fight between himself and Daniel Cormier is something straight out of a movie having to adjust his tactics mid-fight to get a KO win.

He dominated in the clinch in the trilogy fight and controlled the Octagon for the majority of the 25 minutes needed to score arguably his greatest victory.

Where to now?

A Heavyweight fight with Jon Jones looks the juiciest match up for fight fans and his bank account.

Was this the Greatest Trilogy Of All Time?

2. Eye Pokes Must Be Eliminated

The trilogy fight between Stipe and DC will forever be marred by an eye poke that clearly hampered DC from the third round onwards.

Was it the deciding factor in the outcome? I doubt that, but it surely is not ideal!

Dana White explained after the fight that they were both poked in the eye but it was clear that DC’s was far worse.

What can be done about eliminating eye pokes from the sport for good?

3. Marlon Vera Won The Fight

There have been plenty of people (possibly talking through their wallets) that will not give credit to Chito Vera for his win over Sean O’Malley.

It’s fairly clear now that O’Malley’s injury was caused by a leg kick by Vera and that is a TKO win to Vera.

Maybe this is the MMA gods evening things up after Vera lost a decision to Song Yadong in his last fight that was a horrible decision by the judge’s that night.

It is not a great way for Sean O’Malley to cop his first professional loss but this is the fight game and it shows how hard it is to put together multiple wins.

O’Malley will be back but perhaps without as big of a hype train and so much pressure.

4. Plenty Of Fight In Pineda

After a six year hiatus from the UFC, Daniel Pineda made a triumphant return to MMA’s top promotion at UFC 252.

After stints in Legacy FC, Bellator Fury and the PFL since his last fight in the UFC, Pineda could not have been more impressive agianst a really tough fighter in Herbert Burns.

He showed off his prowess on the canvas, eventually setting up a crucifix and winning a TKO via punches.

He earned himself $50K for his performance and he can not be underestimated going forward.

5. DC Is Not Retired

Fighters never retire on top and it is for good reason.

First of all it takes a certain mindset to be as good as Daniel Cormier has been over such a long period.

His self belief, like most successful fighters, needs to be extremely high and while this is advantageous in many ways, it can also be detrimental.

Before the fight he explained that he is simply a better fighter than Stipe Miocic and while this is the fight game and nothing is certain, the popular belief now is that Stipe has his measure.

He will find it very tough to go out on a loss like that, especially with his eye compromised, and while Dana White says he will be happy to see the champ do what he wants, I’m sure an offer will come along at some point.

If Jon Jones indeed goes up to Heavyweight and can get the job done against Stipe, you don’t think Dana will come knocking on DC’s door?

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