Lionel Messi’s Next Destination: A Breakdown


The unthinkable might just happen, Lionel Messi is reportedly trying to leave FC Barcelona, the club he has made his home since he was 12 years old.

There have been few players to pull on that famous kit that have been as intwined with the fabric of the club as Messi is, but all things must come to an end and it would be totally fitting for this to happen in 2020.

But where could Messi go?

Just about every club in the world should at least be thinking about this but for various reasons, it may not be overly practical.

We’ve come up with our own list of suggestions for where Messi could be playing next season.

Manchester City

Far and away the most obvious choice, Messi flourished under Guardiola in their time together at Barcelona.

Inter Milan

Let’s be honest, La Liga was at its most interesting this millennium when Ronaldo and Messi were battling for the title every season.

Want to make Serie A the most interesting competition from continental Europe?

This would go a long way to doing that and make Inter-Juventus matches must watch.

Manchester United

Messi took ownership over Manchester United with this moment in the 2009 Champions League Final in Rome.


Apparently PSG have not spent enough money in their quest to win the Champions League.

Plus, they are one of the only sides that could afford his release clause if Barca really want to hold firm and force a transfer fee.

Not to mention, if they sign him their forward line would be nicknamed MNM: Messi, Neymar, Mbappe… sounds delicious.

Any Argentine Club

It would be the ultimate move for Messi to decide against moving to another European club and instead opt to head back home to Argentina.

Perhaps a return to Newell’s Old Boys, the club he joined as a six year old is on the cards?

Chances are he could help them improve on their 15th place finish from last season just by showing up every week.


They’re spending all sorts of money this offseason already picking up Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech and allegedly targeting Thiago and Kai Havertz, what’s another 100 million or so for Messi?


Just imagine, we’ve been debating Messi-Ronaldo for years and now we could see them team up in Turin.

There would need to be some sort of Amazon All or Nothing type series following them around (from an appropriate social distance) documenting their every move.

Just think of the looks on their faces when they lose the Champions League Quarter Final to Borussia Monchengladbach.

Bayern Munich

Already dominant, the current European champions would be taking the mickey if they were to go out and sign Messi after their run to the titles.

After going down to Bayern 8-2 earlier this month, maybe Messi might go for the “if you can’t beat them, join them” philosophy.


Actually you know what, this isn’t even funny, the mere thought of this just makes me sick.

Real Madrid

Want to know how to start a Spanish Civil War?

If Messi makes the leap over to Real Madrid, it might cause Catalonia to secede.

The Real fans who have spat nothing but vitriol at Messi for the last 15 years suddenly changing their tune would be worth it.


Ok now you’ve stopped laughing, make sure you check in on your Arsenal supporting friends making sure they’re not being delusional about this.


We’ve always wanted to know if he could do it on a cold, windy Tuesday night in Stoke… now’s his chance to show he can.

The A-League

Messi could by the league and its clubs several times over, so maybe a player-owner role could be on the cards.

Central Coast, Newcastle and Perth are for sale or perhaps he’d like to get involved with the bid to revive Gold Coast United (this time minus Clive Palmer).


Any time a visiting international star comes to Australia, the AFL insists on shoehorning itself into some horrendously forced promotional shoot where said star holds a Sherrin while trying not to look too confused.

Well now in their ever-present quest to get noticed around the world, how long before we hear from a media outlet, “Insiders reveal AFL’s secret plan to poach Messi from soccer, a former great of the game HATES this idea!”

Brace yourselves, the cringe-worthy tweets from AFL clubs have already begun.

The Masked Singer

Rumour has it Messi has the singing voice of an angel.

He could even be the Kitten this season for all we know…

The White House

President Messi has a decent sound to it.

Maybe we should add him to our election market…

Newcastle Knights

Remember when Peter Beattie thought that the Barcelona jersey was that of the Newcastle Knights?

Maybe Messi will make the same mistake and sign for the Knights and try his hand at rugby league.

LA Lakers

LeBron wants to create a superteam in LA?

Why not add one of sport’s biggest stars… even if he’s a good 30cm shorter than everyone else on the court, including the referees.

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