This Day In Sport – September 17


They say we should use this time to learn something new – so we thought we’d offer up a history lesson free of charge!

We’re going to be recapping all the important sporting moments each and every day on the Ladbrokes Blog.

So if it’s AFL, NRL, Basketball, Cricket, Golf or even Wrestling, be sure to return each morning as we take a trip back through the history books to relive some of the great and important sporting moments in This Day In Sport!

2011 – Eagles Break Carlton Hearts

Facing a hostile Eagles crowd at the old Subiaco Oval, Carlton came out all guns blazing in the 2011 second semi final kicking the first four goals of the game.

West Coast was able to respond with an eight-goal second quarter, quickly reclaiming the lead.

At the 24 minute mark of the last quarter, the Eagles held a 21 point lead but the Blues surged staging a last gasp comeback.

Carlton kicked three goals in the last eight minutes of the game and found themselves within a kick.

Fans in the stands and viewers had home had no idea just how long was remaining in the match as the then host broadcaster, Channel 10’s famous “Five Minute Warning” was in play.

The Blues surged forward yet again but West Coast was able to rush the ball over the line for a behind to deny the Blues the lead.

Much was made about a missed Andrew Walker holding the ball free kick not paid in the dying minutes which plenty of the Carlton faithful still dwell on to this day.

Ironically, it would be Josh Kennedy who the Blues swapped for Chris Judd back in 2007 playing a major role for West Coast kicking 3-3 that night.

There was no buyers remorse from Carlton, but it added salt into the wounds of Carlton who were oh so close to a Preliminary Final.

West Coast would face Geelong the following Saturday at the MCG.

Final Score – West Coast 15-11 (101) def. Carlton 15-8 (98)

2000 – Golden Diamond

Australia won its third gold medal at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games when Micheal Diamond won back-to-back gold medals in the Men’s trap shooting.

In the final, Diamond hit every single one of the 75 targets – all orange discs flying at around 100km an hour here, there and everywhere.

Diamond dedicated his Sydney Gold to his father Con, who had tragicaly passed four months prior and was also his coach.

He would become only the second person to have ever achieved that at an Olympic Games – Italy’s Luciano Giovenetti who won Gold in Moscow 1980 and Los Angeles 1984.

In 2017, Diamond sold his gold medal for a record price of $72,000 at auction.

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