This Day In Sport – September 25


They say we should use this time to learn something new – so we thought we’d offer up a history lesson free of charge!

We’re going to be recapping all the important sporting moments each and every day on the Ladbrokes Blog.

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2000 – Magic Monday

There’s no doubting that the Sydney Games in 2000 were indeed the best ever, and perhaps Magic Monday – September 25 was the best day ever the Olympic games had to offer.

A sell-out crowd of 110,000 were on hand at Stadium Australia for the fourth night of the track and field competition – the largest crowd on Olympic history for athletics.

In chronological order, here’s what happened on that magical Monday night

(1) Cathy Freeman Wins Gold In the 400m Sprint.

Cathy was the star of the games.

Cathy – iconic, the suit – iconic, the moment – legendary.

After lighting the flame at the Opening Ceremony, attention focused on how Freeman would fare in her signature event – the 400m sprint.

Many looked forward to the anticipated matchup between Cathy Freeman and Marie-José Pérec from France after their race at Atlanta 1996, but it wasn’t to be with Perec leaving Sydney just before the event after claiming she was harrassed.

All of Australia was right behind Cathy that night.

She didn’t let the nation down.

The story of Freeman’s gold medal was the subject of a sensational documentary that recently aired on the ABC.

(2) Micheal Johnson wins gold in the other 400m

Micheal Johnson became the first man to win consecutive Olympic gold medals in the mens 400m that night, and the start of the event was delayed for Cathy Freeman’s victory lap!

It would be world record holder Johnson’s final indivdual Olympic race who famously swept the Atlanta games in the 200m and 400m in golden shoes.

It was trademark Johnson who ran with that up-and-down, upright motion from lane 6 – the same lane Cathy was in.

(3) Jumping Jai Jumps to Silver

It was Cathy’s night, but a new Australian cult figure emerged in the Long Jump – the one and only “Jumping” Jai Taurima.

With long hair, a bead necklace and sunglasses you’d wear to a rave – Jumping Jai got the crowd involved and achieved a personal best in the Long Jump with a jump of 8.4m.

For the record, Iván Pedroso from Cuba won the gold medal.

(4) Tatiana Grigorieva Captured Australia’s Heart

Most Aussie sports fans will remember who won silver in the pole vault that night – the one and only Russian turned Aussie Tatiana Grigorieva.

American Stacy Dragila was the gold medalist, but the 110,000 strong crowd at Stadium Australia was right behind Tatiana that night.

The Bronze medalist in the womens pole vault – Iceland’s Vala Flosadottir became the first women from her country to win an Olympic Medal.

(5) Long-Awaited Gold

In his fourth Olympic Games, Great Britain’s Jonathan Edwards finally broke through for a Gold Medal in the triple jump.

Despite breaking the world-record five years earlier, Edwards was beaten in Atlanta by American Kenny Harrison but redeemed himself in Sydney.

(6) 10,000m Thriller!

Haile Gebreselassie from Ethiopia wins gold in the 10,000m (25 laps of the track) by .09 of a second from Kenyan Paul Tergat.

The final head to head sprint in the last 100 meters was thrilling with Gebreselassie continuing his seven-year winning streak in the event.

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