NRL Betting Summary Preliminary Finals


The Melbourne Storm.

A lot of Ladbrokes punters rallied around the Raiders, but it was largely at the line, and the Storm delivered on their $1.50 favouritism in head-to-head betting.

They landed several big bets, including a 50K wager at $1.46 and a live bet of 35K at $1.50, and they delivered punters easily their best win of the prelims.  


Virtually everything else.

All in all, it was a very good week for the book. The Rabbitohs were very, very popular across the board all week, and the Panthers winning proved to be a big result for us.

There were also several big bets that didn’t land, including 30K on the Raiders (+6.5) and 25K on the Panthers (-6.5).


There wasn’t one.

Jesse Bromwich crashed over for the first try on Friday night at odds of $51, while Alex Johnston scored the first try in Saturday’s prelim.

Johnston generally would have been a bad result for us, but given the number of try scoring weapons that stepped out in that game and garnered interest in the market, the result cancelled itself out.


This week goes to a punter who combined three try scoring legs for a windfall of more than $14K!

Our punter in question selected Jesse Bromwich, Ryan Papenhuyzen and Suliasi Vunivalu to cross for four pointers, but what was most impressive was that he picked $51 pop Bromwich to cross first!

Offered odds of $188.86, our punter laid down just $75 and enjoyed a Friday night for the ages.


Futures markets are now all but sorted, with Melbourne set to begin the 2020 NRL Grand Final as favourites.


Storm – $2.75 > $1.73
Panthers – $2.15

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