Why Geelong Should Be Your Grand Final Team

The two best teams of the 2020 AFL season will square off at the Gabba this Saturday evening when Richmond and Geelong attempt to cement themselves in the history books.

For Richmond, they will be trying to win their third premiership in four years and Geelong, their first since 2011.

Despite two interstate teams finishing first and second on the AFL ladder after the shortened home and away season, it will be the first all-Victorian Grand Final since 2011 when Geelong defeated Collingwood at the MCG.

It is also the first time the AFL Grand Final will be played outside of Victoria.

For those that do not support either team, it is time to choose your side for Saturday’s game because let’s face it, it is more fun that way.

Here are a few reasons why you should support Geelong in the big dance and not Richmond.

Because Geelong Is Not In Melbourne

Not a fan of the Melbourne based teams and the bias that comes with playing at the MCG on constant rotation (in previous years anyway)?

Melbourne was a hub for a dozen or so teams for over a century before we even labelled what a hub was.

Richmond has benefited from large ‘home’ crowds for the majority of their successful run in recent years whereas Geelong has been forced to play ‘home’ finals outside of Geelong for years.

Because Of The Culture

Culture is always something that clubs pinpoint when explaining why they have been successful.

The Geelong Football Club has been a finals regular since 2004, missing the top eight just twice in that period.

To have a sustained period of success, most players will need to take a pay cut so that they can afford to retain their best players.

Geelong has done this now for a long time.

Being away from Melbourne is also a blessing as players can avoid the limelight to an extent, and their quality of life is therefore far more relaxed.

They have had good leadership.

Captains in this era have included Steven King, Tom Harley, Cameron Ling and now Joel Selwood. All respected leaders by the football club and their AFL peers.

They have also recruited well with only one top 10 draft pick since 2006. That player was Nakia Cockatoo (10).

Because Gary Ablett Junior

The football public will say goodbye to the ‘Little Master’ on Saturday evening whether the Cats win or lose but wouldn’t it be fitting to see him go out a winner.

The ‘Son of God’ has given us all so many thrilling moments over the years and let’s face it, he’s just a bloody good guy.

Because Sally Fitzgibbons & Daryl Somers

These two lovable Aussie legends support the Geelong Cats.

That is reason enough right?

Fun fact. Daryl Somers personally runs the ‘Hey, Hey It’s Saturday’ Facebook page.

Because It’s Been A Long Time In Between Drinks

Okay, we may be clutching at straws here, and apologies to Melbourne, St Kilda, Carlton and Fremantle but it has been nine years since Geelong last won the AFL Premiership.

Richmond have had their fun.

Give someone else a go.

Because Of Their Brand Of Footy

Enjoy watching entertaining, high scoring games of football?

Geelong scored more points than any other team during the 2020 AFL season (and the fourth fewest against).

They also have the Coleman Medalist in Tom Hawkins clunking marks and kicking goals up forward.

And he knows how to perform on the big occasions.

Because Of Richmond Fans

We have seen it time and time again with these big Melbourne clubs. When they have a prolonged period without winning a premiership, the fans get a pent up anger that is finally released upon some success.

And who has to cop it?

The rest of the football public.

The Richmond supporter base were the butt of every joke when they seemingly finished ninth every single season for decades on end and they did not enjoy the truly hilarious ‘Ninthmond’ tag one bit.

In the past few years they have been almost unbearable as their team has risen to the top of the AFL and envisioning the carry on should they win a third premiership in three years is enough to support the Cats this Saturday.

Because Of Patty Dangerfield

Okay, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

But he deserves a premiership doesn’t he?

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