Why the Melbourne Storm Should Be Your Grand Final Team

We know, we know, most neutrals are backing the Panthers in Sunday’s NRL Grand Final and would throw up like the girl from The Exorcist at the thought of supporting the Melbourne Storm.

Believe it or not there is a case to be made for the undecided to come down on the Storm’s side of the fence.

Seriously, just hear us out.

Because They Have Done It Tough This Season

Everyone will admit the Warriors win the “who had it the toughest” award playing in a different country to their friends and family, but it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for the Storm either.

Forced to relocate to the Sunshine Coast in late June after only playing at their normal home of AAMI Park twice, the Storm put their heads down and just went about their business.

Obviously it helped that most of the players were from Queensland anyway but considering they were stuck in a hub, they deserve at least some kudos for their work to help complete the season.

Because Cameron Smith is More Likely to Retire with a Win

Be honest, do you really think Smith is going to call it a day on the back of a Grand Final loss?

The guy isn’t still playing because he needs to top up his retirement fund, he loves the game and he might see this as the perfect opportunity to end his career with another title.

Whatever your opinion on the game’s most capped player, Smith has been one of, if not the defining player of the post Darren Lockyer/Andrew Johns era.

If the Storm get up, their captain will play a big role in said victory and it’s possible it could be the last chance we get to see Cameron Smith on the field, even if he can still do stuff like this.

Because It Could Be The End of an Era

Smith is not be the only player who could be leaving the Storm at the end of this season.

Star winger Suliasi Vunivalu will be leaving to take up a deal with the Queensland Reds in Super Rugby next season, Josh Addo-Carr is reportedly on the move and a few other key figures could be leaving.

Those rumours about Craig Bellamy looking for an out will not go away and after 18 years in charge of the NRL’s lone Victorian team, he might take this opportunity for a swansong.

Safe to say the Storm could look VERY different next season when Round 1 gets underway and there’s every chance they could go the way of other dynasties as they potentially enter rebuild mode.

Because It’s Insurance Against Getting Doubly Angry

For some reason, hate watching or hate supporting something has become a thing in the last 10 years.

Nobody will blame you for being sick of the Storm’s success, especially since it has usually come at the expense of whatever team you support.

It might be time to put that dislike aside and just accept that they are a really good team, plus if you back them to win and they get up, at least you’ll be able to take some solace in their victory.

Because It’s Ok to Support the Villain Sometimes

Sure the Panthers are the plucky upstarts, with the father-son combination looking to bring glory to Penrith, but the Storm are happy to play the villain.

Be honest, when you’re watching a movie or TV show, don’t you find yourself relating to the villain more than the protagonist?

Once you hit season six of The Walking Dead you start supporting the zombies instead of the survivors, Magneto (both the Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender versions) had some redeeming qualities, Loki became a popular figure in the MCU and you kind of wanted to see the Terminator complete his mission.

The Storm have happily played the role of the pantomime villain in the NRL for the last 15 years and continued to be very successful.

Sometimes the bad guy has to win and be honest, as a punter you’ve probably had plenty of success backing the Storm in that time as well.

But if that’s not enough to convince you, we’ll leave it to the Foxx, Josh Addo-Carr (from 2018).

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