Why You Should Make Richmond Your Grand Final Team

“Tom Lynch is a thug”

“Trent Cotchin is a sniper”

“Richmond gets a free ride from the AFL and umpires”

“Richmond fans are arrogant and unbearable”

Yeah yeah…we hear you old mate with a car for a profile pic with an Essendon twibbon that was educated at the school of hard knocks posting these exact comments on our Facebook page.

Right now, convincing neutral fans that they should get behind Richmond in this year’s Grand Final is like trying to sell tickets for a cruise ship.

In the space of four years, the Tigers have gone from the easy punchline to loveable team ending years of heartbreak, to a side that people have a begrudging respect for and now they are outright hated.

To be honest, Richmond folk are loving the fact they are back to their righftul place of being hated.

Both the Resident Rainman and the writer of this piece who happens to be Richmond supporters couldn’t care less if you don’t want to hop on the Tiggy Train for this year’s Grand Final, however, the reasons to jump aboard are quite compelling…

Because Being the Bad Guy is Fun

Ask any actor what role they had the most fun playing?

The bad guy.

There’s nothing more fun than being the pantomime villain.

As a kid, when you got a role in the school play, did you want to be little boy number #2, the tree or the evil grinch trying to steal Christmas?

Of course you wanted to be the Grinch.

So twirl that moustache and work on that evil laugh.

Because Fairy Tales are Grimm

“Geelong winning the Grand Final would be a fairy-tale story”

Sure, give the Cats a fairy tale but give them a proper fairy tale, more like the Brothers Grimm rather than Disney.

Original fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm are gruesome and end in horrible violence.

Both Adelaide and GWS have never recovered from losing to Richmond in the Grand Final and one wouldn’t be suprised if the Tigers do a similar number to the Cats this Saturday night.

Because Greatness

It’s an unwritten rule in Australia that should you become successful, you need to not show any confidence or celebrate it as it makes you arrogant.

They may find a vaccine for COVID, but nothing will cure Australian’s from tall-poppy syndrome.

Richmond is vying for it’s third flag in four years which would cement their place as one of the great Premiership dynasties.

They’ve got the team and belief to do it.

The Tigers have shown that while there are the superstars like Dusty playing a vital role, this is a game stayle that is built on team football and everyone playing their part.

One look at Richmond’s epic win over Port Adelaide last Friday night shows just how well gelled this team is.

Given the extreme circumstances they’ve had to play in this season, along with all the really annoying petty stuff with some vaild off-field clangers – Richmond getting on with it and having a chance to win the most unique premiership in AFL history is truly something special.

Because They Are Actully The Good Guys

…no, not those good guys!

Richmond isn’t perfect.

And despite the talk about “THE CULTURE”, they don’t pretend to be.

A major key of Richmond’s success has been about connection and celebrating the uniqueness of every individual associated with the club.

They have been about having fun, enjoying themselves and bringing the best out of eachother.

The Club is a highly sought-after workplace for both players and staff within football.

It’s easy to do all the petty boring arguments such as “They are nothing like Hawthorn/Geelong/Brisbane of INSERT ERA ERA”, they don’t want to be like others – they want to be Richmond.

No matter what happens to the Tigers on Saturday, their legacy in making a football club a great place to work, where people can be themselves and bringing out the best in people is something to be really proud of.

Richmond has had what has mostly been a few paper cuts with one clanger off the field this season, but quite frankly it speaks volumes of the playing group and club they’ve yet again made the Grand Final and have a chance to defend their title.

Richmond isn’t perfect, but neither are you.

Because History

You’re going to tell your Grandkids about this Grand Final.

Not just the fact it was played at the Gabba due to circumstances around a global pandemic, but some of the historical records that could be achieved this Saturday night is truly something for the ages.

Here’s what could happen

Dustin Martin becomes a three time Norm Smith Medalist

Trent Cotchin becomes the first three time Richmond premiership captain.

Damien Hardwick a three time premiership coach for the Tigers and on par with the late Tom Haffey.

Marlion Pickett is a two time premiership player within 20 games.

Tom Lynch is the feel-good redemption story of the year πŸ˜‰

Don’t deny it, embrace it.

Because Geelong Beat Your Team

What kind of a sycophant Brisbane or Collingwood fan actually wants Geelong – the team that pantsed them in the finals series to go on and win the flag?

Spare me this “Oh I hope they go all the way” niceness, you should want them to suffer for what they did to your club.

As they say in the classics – the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Because We Don’t Care

It’s Richmond vs The World this week and quite frankly, the Tiger Army wouldn’t have it any other way.

For we have longed for the day of returning to our rightufl place as the most feared and despised club in Football and love every minute of it.

If you want to get on the Tiges for the reasons we’ve provided you, then you’re most welcome, however, we don’t care either way.

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