5 Lessons Learned – NFL Week 10

Week 10 of the NFL season delivered more than its share of wild finishes with plenty of games going down to the wire.

The weather played a huge role in some outcomes with rain and wind causing delays and forcing a fair few teams to modify their gameplans to suit the adverse conditions.

It also meant that we had some excellent finishes, especially in the light early window of games with more than a few guys getting the opportunity to step up for their team.

We’ve condensed the week into five big lessons right here.

1 – It Was a Good Week to Play at Home

With every game being played in front of an empty or sparsely populated NFL stadium, home field advantage was reduced greatly in 2020.

Last week home teams went a meagre 5-9 head to head and 6-8 against the spread but bounced back nicely over the weekend.

Heading into Monday Night Football home teams had gone 11-2 head to head (with home favourites a stunning 9-0) as well as 8-5 against the spread.

Perhaps it was to do with some of the wild weather that made its way through the country on Monday or just it was a week where a lot of good teams were placed at home.

The weather certainly helped New England as Bill Belichick called in a favour from the weather gods at the right time, with the second half of that game in a monsoon.

Perhaps they might not need the weather to be as horrendous next week when they take on Houston but I’m sure nobody at Gillette Stadium would mind.

2 – The AFC South is Wide Open

There might be some divisions with more teams in the mix but the AFC South is going to go right down to the wire.

It feels like an eternity since the Titans were unbeaten and in contention for home field advantage throughout the NFL playoffs and after going down to the Colts on Friday, they are now in danger of not even hosting a playoff game.

After suffering their third loss in four games, the Titans ceded control of the division to the Colts at least for the next fortnight until they face off in Indianapolis.

They still have a very talented team including the likes of Derrick Henry and AJ Brown, both of whom had rough outings in their last game.

For the Colts, I’m still not sure if they are truly good or not but they keep producing wins so you have to like their momentum going forward.

3 – The Browns Gave Punters a Bad Beat

It’s time to pour one out for the punters that took the Browns at the line after one of the all time frustrating bad beats.

Leading the Texans 10-7 with time running out, Nick Chubb broke down the sideline and was running unimpeded to the end zone.

With the goal line in sight, Chubb (smartly) stepped out of bounds at the one yard line to allow the Browns to run out the clock and come away with a hard earned victory.

Thankfully for the punters that backed Chubb to score a touchdown, he scored the game’s only touchdown earlier in the second half.

Not to mention with the Browns still very much in the playoff race, they will take as many wins and non-covers as it takes to be playing into January.

4 – Detroit Finally Managed a Win at Home

Going into Week 10 of the NFL season, two teams were yet to record a win at home, one was the New York Jets (because it’s the Jets) and the other one was the Detroit Lions.

Not only had the Lions not won at home, they were yet to cover, going down to the Cardinals, Saints and Colts.

Admittedly not the easiest stretch of opponents to face but the good news for them is they picked up their first home win of the season this week against the Washington Football Team.

Considering their 0-3 mark to this point, the Lions couldn’t do it the easy way and almost blew the game but thanks to a clutch field goal by Matt Prater.

Now what can they do next week?

The good news is they are on the road in Carolina.

5 – Believe in Arizona

Let’s just quickly fix that up, believe in the NFC West leading Arizona Cardinals.

After their miraculous win over the Bills and the Rams beating the Seahawks, they are now in control of their playoff destiny.

Lost in the shuffle of the chaos at the end was the fact that they managed to come back from 23-9 down midway through the third quarter and showed some real mettle for such a young team.

When they gave up the go-ahead touchdown to Stefon Diggs with 34 seconds remaining it would have been easy to fold but they put themselves in position to take a shot.

Then DeAndre Hopkins pretty much paid off his trade price.

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