5 Lessons Learned – AFL Round 2

Round 2 of the AFL Season is done and dusted with plenty of talking points coming out of the weekend of footy.

We’ve shared our 5 Lessons Learned – AFL Round 2 below.

1. Carlton Won’t Play Finals

The Thursday night blockbuster at the MCG between two old rivals shaped as a real opportunity for the Carlton Football Club.

If the Blues are to play finals, they need to win games like these and they failed yet again.

It is the ninth straight season that Carlton has started the year with back to back losses.

Since 2010, 58 teams have started the AFL season 0-2 and only five (8.6%) have gone on to play finals football.

In the history of the sport, only four teams have won the flag from 0-2, the last being North Melbourne in 1999.

Ironically, North Melbourne beat Carlton in that Grand Final.

This stat does not seem favourable for the Brisbane Lions, GWS Giants or North Melbourne either, all join Carlton with a winless record through two rounds.

2. Don’t Blame The Umpires

Friday Night’s blockbuster 2020 Preliminary Final rematch between Geelong and Brisbane was marred in controversy when an obvious holding the ball decision went unpaid in the dying stages of the game.

Geelong held on to a one point win that had many punters and pundits up in arms after the final siren.

Don’t get us wrong, it was a horrid non-decision from an umpire that clearly didn’t handle the pressure at a critical point in the contest but can this be the sole reason for the Lions loss?

The answer is no.

I would hope, and assume, that the Brisbane Lions staff and playing list would be focusing on their slow start to the game and, at times, ill disciplined performance, to why they lost the football match as soon as they can.

Something that the media and general public may take a little longer to do I am sure.

Geelong scored 1.0 from free kicks on Friday night and the Lions scored 5.3.

The Lions stay in Melbourne for their annual Easter game against Collingwood, now to be played at the Marvel Stadium due to Covid-19 restrictions in Brisbane.

The Cats have Hawthorn on Monday.

3. Chris Scott Needs A Chill Pill

It was a fiery contest in Geelong on Friday evening with a few on-field incidents causing tension on and off the field for both teams.

Gary Rohan wacked 2020 Brownlow Medalist Lachie Neale behind play to which the star midfielder responded by holding up three fingers (to suggest the amount of weeks he’ll miss).

But it was the actions of coach Chris Scott at the break that is of most concern.

Regardless of what the Geelong coach was saying to the Brisbane Lions players as the headed to their team huddle, he should not be approaching any opposition player in any way.

This is a horrible look for the wider AFL community and it has far reaching ramifications, something that Scott needs to be strongly reminded of.

We can’t have this happening in junior football.

4. The MRP Is Fixed

After seemingly decades of inconsistency and complete incompetency the Match Review Panel has been spot on so far this season.

Of course, there will be many that disagree with that statement after Sam Reid was offered a two week sentence for his ‘careless’ contact with Nat Fyfe on the weekend which resulted in the star midfielder being concussed and ultimately subbed out of the game.

Fyfe is the 16th player that has been subbed out in 2021 and the first for concussion.

Maybe you are of the opinion that the game has gone soft and Reid should not have been suspended but at the very least the AFL seems like they are sticking to their guns and are serious about concussion.

A result that is only beneficial to the players.

Also a result for those that are looking for, at the very least, some consistency in their rulings.

5. Footy Tipping Is Easy

You’ve had a fantastic start to the season in your footy tipping competition right?

Everything has gone to plan so far and you’ve even managed to tip those 50/50 games.

Well there are three more this week in round 3 of the 2021 AFL season.

Collingwood v Brisbane on Thursday night.

Adelaide and Sydney on Friday night.

And finally West Coast v Port Adelaide on Saturday night.

Also Carlton have come up very short against an in from Fremantle. Upset?

Good luck.

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