5 Lessons Learned – AFL Round 7

(1) Collingwood Doom and Gloom

The Monday doom-scroll continues for Magpie fans and we’re here to validate your fear.

It’s nothing doom and gloom for the Magpies this week.

Saturday’s loss to the Suns was grim, the blow torch/pressure cooker/hot takes will be relentless on all of the talkback radio and Monday night footy shows.

For those who barrack for Collingwood and want to look after your own mental health, avoiding 1116 on the AM dial, channel 504 and the back page of the paper is probably for the best right now. 

The 1-6 Magpies go in as $1.33 favorites against the winless North Melbourne ($3.30) this Saturday twilight at Marvel Stadium.

If the game goes as expected, a win will be a nice sugar hit for Bucks and his men. 

Should North beat the Maggies, the doom and gloom will get so dark that not even the most hardcore of emo kid with their My Chemical Romance album turned up could comprehend. 

(2) Richmond – Still good.

You just know that midway in the second quarter, fellow weekend dot point columnists with a substantially higher profile were drafting their “Tigers are done. Dynasty is over” hot take.

Yeah, nah.

Let the backtracking begin!

Richmond came back from 25-points down, ending the Western Bulldogs unbeaten start to the year.

The Dogs put up the fight from the start, but after half-time the wave of Tigers pressure and momentum that we’ve come to admire in recent years resulted in a 21-point victory for Richmond, reminding the football world that they are still indeed the champions.

Tom Lynch who had also been the subject of ordinary hot-takes during the week did have the kicking jitters, missing his first five shots on goal ended up becoming the hero. 

Lynch kicked three goals in the third quarter (the premiership quarter as they say in the classics) along with his 12 marks and 11 score involvements. 

His performance was best summed up by Matthew Richardson and the Richmond FC social team on Friday night.

The Tigers go in as the $1.60 favorites against Geelong ($2.30) this Friday night in a meeting between last year’s Grand Finalists at the MCG.

Richmond is yet to win a return Grand Final bout, however, unlike boxing they’ll still keep the premiership cup at the end of it. 

(3) Geelong was robbed, but karma is a b…

We all know Geelong was robbed on Saturday night.

It clearly was 15 meters and a free kick should have been paid towards the end there. 

However, while reporting a robbery it’s also worth noting the Cats scored 12.16 against the Swans proving the old saying that bad kicking is bad football. 

But it turns out that footy fans are incredibly spiritual and that the football gods do indeed exist.

Everyone knows that Geelong managed to be the beneficiary of a wrong umpiring decision back in Round 2 against the Lions and the process that is karma managed to get the Cats on Saturday night.

Geelong are the $2.30 underdog against Richmond this Friday night, but as mentioned in lesson 2, the Tigers are yet to win a return Grand Final ‘bout.

(4) Flat Track Bullies

Footy tipping is proving an incredibly unreliable and frustrating process so far in season 2021, but one thing is for certain, especially in the case of Port Adelaide and the West Coast Eagles.

When playing at home:

Back West Coast / Port Adelaide ✅

When playing away:

Back against West Coast / Port Adelaide ❌

Results on the weekend have proven this theory to be correct.

West Coast heads to the MCG this Sunday to face Hawthorn where they will be the $1.40 favorites, despite a poor showing against the Saints on the weekend its almost tempting to take the Hawks at $2.90 

Port ($1.20) faces the Crows ($4.50) in the Showdown as clear favorites, but they might want to focus on getting back to playing some decent footy rather than spend the whole week up in arms about a prison bar jumper. 

(5) Dons v Blues was great. 

Anyone who backed the over on Sunday would have been happy with the Dons v Blues clash.

Carlton fans would be especially happy, after trailing the Bombers by 21 points in the second quarter, before Adam Sadd played a vital role in getting the Blues home against his old club.

A free-flowing, attacking, high-scoring contest which resulted in two teams scoring over a century with Carlton 19-9 (123) def. Essendon 16-11 (107) – a rare occurrence in the modern game.

The game was easy on the eye for neutral observers, but for Carlton fans, it was the type of game they’ve been crying out for with the likes of Adam Sadd, Jacob Weitering, Patrick Cripps, Ed Curnow, and big Harry McKay all starring.

Essendon didn’t lose any admirers either after that performance. 

The Bombers ($2.65) head to Homebush to face the Giants ($1.48) in what should be one of the more fascinating encounters of Round 8. 

It’s a huge test for Carlton ($3.35) next Sunday as they face the Western Bulldogs ($1.32) on the rebound from their first loss of the season next Sunday at Marvel Stadium.

Tips, recommendations and commentary are for entertainment only. We provide no warranty about accuracy or completeness. You should make your own assessment before placing a bet.