Ben Simmons Trade Destinations

The 2021 NBA Playoffs were an absolute nightmare for Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers.

According to a number of reports, the occasional Aussie might be on the way out of Pennsylvania after amassing a grand total of 19 points across the final three games against Atlanta.

But just who would be interested in a guard with a US$29m per season salary, whose last three pointer came in a Four’n’Twenty ad?

Well we’ve consulted our sources and come up with a few landing spots for Simmons.

Golden State Warriors

Is Simmons just what the Warriors need to become NBA title contenders again?

They could do a lot worse than adding him, in spite of the package they would have to send the other way that would likely include Draymond Green.

If Colin Cowherd likes it then it must be a good idea…

Los Angeles Lakers

Imagine the Lakers with a healthy LeBron, AD and Ben Simmons.

It would not be the worst outcome if he went somewhere to play the Robin to a superstar’s Batman.

Plus you know… there’s this photo.

Portland Trail Blazers

Who needs to shoot when you’re teamed up with Damian Lillard?

Simmons can just go out and earn more defensive accolades and let his teammates take care of the scoring.

Washington Wizards

He made his debut against the Wizards in 2017 and Washington could use him in that back court.

Houston Rockets

The Rockets do have an asset who the 76ers may be interested in with John Wall and perhaps Simmons could be sold on playing with Aussie teammate Dante Exum… if Simmons actually ever decides to play for Australia.

If that’s not enough then perhaps Simmons could be sold on the Rockets the young core as they load up for a championship run in the long term rather than the short term like in Philly.

San Antonio Spurs

Ben Simmons working under the legendary Greg Popovich, how could you not love that outcome?

Oh and Patty Mills is there too.

Boston Celtics

Remember back in 2016 when the Celtics were in contention for the top pick in the NBA Draft and some of us were all excited about Simmons going to Boston?

Instead the 76ers won the lottery that year and took Simmons while the Celtics landed Jaylen Brown.

Things have not worked out perfectly for either team and perhaps Simmons could wind up going to the place many people thought he would go.

Also, it would be $1.01 that Bill Simmons would be the first in line to order a Celtics jersey with his name on the back.

The B League

Apparently Ben Simmons is going to skip out on the Olympics and focus on “skills development” this offseason instead.

Well why not head to the Japanese league and while you’re at it, help out the national team you keep saying you’re eager to be a part of?

The EuroLeague

Several NBA hopefuls head to Europe to work on their game, why not spend a season or two in Europe to work on his outside shooting?

Although those guys usually go BEFORE their NBA careers have begun.


He is from Melbourne you know, maybe Simmons could come home and spend some time in the NBL.

Perhaps Melbourne United or the South East Melbourne Phoenix should make a play.

Essendon Bombers

Being from Melbourne, of course Simmons has an AFL club of choice and apparently it’s the Dons.

And why wouldn’t he want to give up his eight-figure salary and global superstardom to come home and play Aussie Rules?

Warner Brothers Studios

Wouldn’t it make sense for Simmons to star in Space Jam 3 next June?

Instead of the Monstars stealing talent from current NBA players, the story can follow Simmons’ journey to steal an outside shot from a group of undersized aliens.