Why Melbourne Should be Your Grand Final Team


It should be an easy sell this.

A club that hasn’t won a flag for 57-years, seen its a fair amount of tragedy, almost merged out of existence, seen club legends depart us way too soon, a likable bunch of players, fairy tale story…yet some still need convincing.

I should stress from the outset, that this author isn’t a Melbourne supporter, but is merely someone who’s happy to adopt the Demons on Saturday and if you’re still undecided that your heart should beat true for the red and the blue in the Grand Final.

Because of the Underdog Story

We’ve already done the feel-good underdog story with the Western Bulldogs in 2016.

It was great fun and they won.

Everyone who wasn’t a Sydney supporter was happy for the Sons of the ‘Scray when the club won only their second premiership, even some Swans fans understood the sentiment.

But they had their turn five years ago.

Now it’s Melbourne’s turn.

Everyone loves the feel-good underdog, team that hasn’t won for years story whenever they make a Grand Final.

Heck, even people wanted Richmond to do well in 2017…and then they got good for too long.

The Demons haven’t won a flag since 1964, Australia didn’t even have decimal currency back then.

We’ve all seen the tragedy that Melbourne has had to endure since then.

Unless you’re a Doggies supporter (and if so, why on earth are you reading this blog?), your heart beats true for the red and the blue in the Grand Final.

Because of Nathan Jones

A 300 game legend of the club who endured the lowest of the lows and remained loyal, when it could have been very easy for him to look for opportunity.

But he remained, he endured and while he won’t be there in Perth should the Demons reach the highest of the highs, he’s very much part of the Demons journey.

The ultimate club man.

The kind of person that makes footy clubs great.

He won’t have a premiership medal around his neck, nor get a kick on Saturday but he’ll very much be a major factor should the Dees break their 57-year drought.

Because C’mon Demons

If this song from 1989 released by the Melbourne Football Club doesn’t fire you up, nothing will.

Should the Dees win on Saturday, a remake should be in order.

Because of the Off-Field Tragedy

The likes of the late Robbie Flower, Jim Stynes, Troy Broadbridge, Dean Bailey, Sean Wright should still be with us and able to see what their beloved Demons have achieved.

Robbie Flower, heart and soul of the Melbourne Football Club. RIP.

It appears that no club has endured such off-field heartbreak and tragic loss quite like what Melbourne has in recent years.

Today's Birthday 23/4 | 7NEWS
Gone Too Soon: the late, great Jim Stynes

These beautiful, iconic and special people to Melbourne and Football are no longer with us, but you’d expect them to be looking from above and incredibly proud of what the Dees have accomplished.

Because of on-field tragedy

The curse of Norm Smith is a big deal.

After Melbourne famously sacked their iconic coach in 1965, the Demons didn’t make the finals for another 23-years but that didn’t stop the curse continuing to haunt the club many times after that.

Be it the Garry Buckernarna/Jim Stynes incident in the 1987 Preliminary Final.

Or being 46-points ahead against the Bombers in the last quarter on Anzac day 1992, only to lose (yes, there was footy on Anzac Day before 1995).

Or making just two Grand Finals in 57 years only to be the guaranteed bridesmaid to the likes of Hawthorn in 1988 and Essendon in 2000.

Or blowing a comfortable lead against Adelaide in the 2002 Semi-Final

Or being the last team to be beaten by Essendon in a final in 2000

Or throwing poor-old number 1 draft pick Jack Watts to the wolves in his debut game in 2009 in the Queens Birthday clash against Collingwood when he clearly wasn’t ready.

One hell of a debut: Jack Watts, four years on

Or being convicted of not tanking.

Or THAT GAME against Geelong in 2011.

Former Dees captain still “sick” and “ashamed” after record loss in 2011

Or letting West Coast sneak into the 2017 finals series by percentage when you already sent a mailout to club members letting them know how to get finals tickets.

Or being belted by the Eagles in the 2018 Prelim.


It’s time to be on the bright side, the shining lights, to break the drought and to end this tragedy once and for all.

Because of Neale Daniher

Do I even need to justify this?

Because of Ron Barassi

Sure, the great Ronald Dale has a connection with Carlton, North Melbourne and Sydney but when push comes to shove, his heart beats true for the red and the blue

Because of the Current Crop of Dees

Big Maxy Gawn, Christian Petracca, Clayton Oliver, Kosi Pickett, Jack Viney, Bayley Fritsch…just to name a few.

All bloody good and very likable footballers.

Forget Libba’s post-game antics, one can only assume big Maxy Gawn will come up with something very unique to celebrate should the Demons get up.

The Herald-Sun even came out with cut-out Maxy Gawn beard masks.

Because of the Old Crop of Dees

Garry Lyon, David Neitz, David Schwarz, Russell Robertson, Allen Jackvoich…just to name a few old Dees players from back in the day that we all enjoyed watching play.

Melbourne may not of had much success in recent times, but they’ve produced many a champion in recent times.

You couldn’t help but be happy for those blokes.

Because your local club song is most likely Grand Old Flag

What’s unique about the Melbourne theme song is that it doesn’t mention Melbourne or Demons in the lyrics.

Just red and blue.

As a result, any other footy club across Australia that has red and blue as their colors (Norwood in the SANFL, West Perth in the WAFL, and Port Melbourne in the VFL for example) has adopted Grand Old Flag as their club song.

In fact, just about any club with blue in their colors tends to sing Grand Old Flag.

Red, Gold, and Blue, Yellow and Blue, Green and Blue, Pink and Blue, Purple and Blue – you’re probably singing Grand old Flag.

Why write a song of your own, when the Melbourne Football Club has done it for you.

Plus, the recording is one of the Fable Singers finest.

Because of your Demon Mate

The look on these Melbourne supporters who have had to endure so much speaks volumes.

It sucks that most of them cannot see the Grand Final live for reasons beyond their control.

But Melbourne playing in the Grand Final doesn’t diminish the fun, excitement or how special playing in that one day in September is.

You feel for them, you’ve seen their pain, you’ve endured their self-pity.

Yeah, there’s the cheese platters, range rovers, ski season, landlords v tenants jokes…but you’d rather be on the top end of Collins Street/Toorak, sitting in the best seats in the MCC members if given the option wouldn’t you?

A bit of a smorgasbord': Melbourne Demons fan speaks about his gourmet cheese  platter at MCG game

It’s time for the Demons to have a lick of the ice cream, to experience what’s ever so sweet about premiership success.

Should the Demons get up on Saturday, how could you not be happy for your Melbourne supporting mate.

Greatest AFL Photos: AFL
Do it for this bloke.